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six months


Kind of hard to believe that its been six months since I’ve had a real night’s sleep.  But our littlest princess turned six months this week.  We’ll throw her a little family party with a cake and a few of her own toys wrapped up for fun (we wrapped up E’s favorite tv remote for her six month party).


It’s amazing how they turn into themselves sometimes overnight.  Their face changes, they’re suddenly aware of things, or they’re capable of something they weren’t before.


Her feet express as much as her face does; her left foot curls when she’s thinking or observing.  But now she’s as aware of it as we are and she loves to grab the little piggies.  She’ll babble –  but only when the room is mostly quiet.  She’d rather observe, intently, than participate.  And I still can’t get over all that hair.  Happy six months, little girl. 


Brianna Dupuy - Seriously… you have two of the cutest babies ever! Ashlyn just looks so sweet. So I printed out your basic booty bag tutorial.. my mother in law is going to help me with it. She sews a lot. Hopefully I can learn…. sewing seems hard. I am going to try to take a sewing class. Anyway I am still having fun reading through your blog. You are such a good writer, and a really neat person. I just know that God is so proud of you!!

andrea - I love your header!
She’s beautiful, Crystal. It’s amazing how we know our children so intimately – right down to the meaning behind feet curling a certain way.
Learning my children is one of my favorite things to do in life. It seems there is a new surprise every day.
Happy six months sweet baby girl! Be blessed!

The NON-Superwoman - Love the long eyelashes and of course the cute toes…..she’s quite a beauty. They grow into themselves so quickly don’t they?!

Dawn - She is just beautiful, Crystal….

Susan - Happy 1/2 birthday, baby A! (I still can’t believe how fast babies grow!)

Anne - That’s just precious! I can’t believe she’s six months and I only read on the blog – it must be totally blowing your mind!

Lacey - She is a Cutie!!!

Regina - She is sooooo beautiful! I just can’t get over how much her face resembles her big sister’s!

Sarah - I remember celebrating with you the day that Evyn was able to wear a clip in her hair. It is amazing to watch the differences in children. She is just amazing, she gets more beautiful every post.
miss you