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six month party! or “how many safety violations can you name?”


Let's see, a Bumbo seat on the table, fire within inches of the infant…can you tell she's a second child?  Maybe the recycled "3" from Evyn's last birthday gives it away.  Poor second children.  They always get the leftovers. 

We're trying to be sugar-conscious around here so we opted for sugar-free jello in place of the usual cake. She got her first tooth yesterday.  So everything is a chew-toy of sorts.



Evyn instantly got all she's-making-a-mess! on me and promptly whipped out a paper towel.  She comes by it honestly.  Usually sticky messes give me the icky-grody somebody-please-wipe-that-kid-up willies, too.  But this time I just sat back and enjoyed the gooey mess.  A kid only turns six months once.


Sarah - She’s beautiful, Crystal! Second children always get the more laid back version of the parent. I never pitty the second child. I tell mine she’s so blessed to be second. Imagine all the things I got wrong with the first. I have only improved since her brother!

andrea - You always make me smile, Crystal. I love your approach and your sense of humor!
Looks like a wonderfully, sticky party!

Christine - I don’t think it gets any cuter than this.

Karen - Too cute :) I can’t wait to see them in person.

LauraJ - Happy 6 months little one! I didn’t even notice all the “hazards” in the picture. I’m taken with the cute baby!

Keri - Adorable pictures Crystal. I love that Evyn was trying to clean up the mess!