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Evyn was hungry for her morning snack.  Her strawberry bucket was just right for picking, or yanking, as it turns out.   


Don't they look yummy?  This is what was left after two minutes:


Maybe I should have cut the tops off for her.

LauraJ - We all need a little greenery in our diet! 😀

Andrea - A little extra roughage perhaps?
Judah does the same thing… And Eve eats the WHOLE apple. Whatever. :)
What a cute idea – to plant strawberries in a bucket! Your children will grow up with such great memories 😉

Lacey - Good for you for growing strawberries. I can’t wait for Sarah’s to take off.

Amber - Wow! It is too hot here to grow strawberries. Love the bucket idea though. And I just laughed at the remnants of her strawberries!

Melissa - Those strawberries look delish! They are by far my favorite fruit.