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Something I love about blogland is how it creates community across miles and miles.  Lisa at Vintage Sweet Peas tagged me for a little “random” fun.  I am sure my good friends could point out far more random or weird things about me, but here are a few:

  1. I have an issue with eating ice cream socially. Not because I don’t like ice cream, but because I can’t stand watching others eat ice cream. Especially children. Something about it melting and getting drippy, or soupy, or even worse – soupy with cake bits in it. Eeeeeeeeeew! I have an actual, physical reaction to it. So if I’m at a table with several people eating ice cream, you’ll notice me looking down a lot.
  2. I used to play violin. I started at three years old and was trained in the Suzuki method. Yes, they really do have tiny violins for children that young.  And Suzuki prefers you start at around 3.
  3. My husband and I had no interest in each other when we met. Our roommates were dating and thought it would be a good idea to set us up, but we were totally unimpressed with each other. We’ll be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary September 1st.
  4. I tend to converse in outline format. I guess I’m a writer at heart, and for some reason, I actually organize my conversation the way most of us were taught to write papers in high school: opening statement, three supporting statements, closing statement. I actually say “a,” “b,” and “c,” (or 1,2,3) when I talk. All this while using the words “grody” and “dude” in said conversation.
  5. I watch Golden Girls because I find it eerily calming. You know, like comfort food. Something about all that 80’s furniture and corny double-entendres soothe me.
  6. I am from Montana.  I know – what’s so weird or random about that?  Well, at the time I left in 1995 there weren’t even a million of us in the entire state.  And when I moved to Nashville, TN, for college I can’t tell you how many students I ran across who actually said they really didn’t think of Montana as a state (because they’d “never met anyone who was actually from there”); they thought of it as more of a foreign land.  Seriously, people said stuff like that. 
  7. I rarely use standard colors to describe anything.  My friend Sarah pointed that out to me whenever we shopped together.  Nothing is red or green or pink.  I’m naturally more descriptive – raspberry, spring leaf, or ballet pink.  Actually, I’m that way with verbs, too (gallop or glide or stampede instead of run, for instance).

If you haven’t done this in a while, and you’d like to – consider yourself tagged!

Lacey - Okay I knew 5 out of the 7 things about you. I am still not sure that Montana is a state. I drove through it and there wasn’t much there. Just Kidding! And if any of you read Crystals comments and want to watch her squirm eat a Wendy’s Frosty with french fries sitting next to her in the car.

Lissa - Well done! Thank you for playing along and I must confess, I love Chocolate shakes with french
It’s nice to get to know you better :)

Amber - I was laughing so hard at #1 – I totally get what you mean….and our anniversary is Sept. 2nd (but we are heading for 13 years)!

jax - 1. I talk the same the way and love GG for the same reason. But I think I burned out on them and enjoy Designing Women a little more these days.
2. My favorite day is not Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It is Thursday. I get the whole day to imagine what I’ll be doing for the weekend, which these days is usually nothing, but still.
3. I have a physical reaction to the smell of cold leftovers.
4. I am one of those annoying native Texans, just not as vocal about it as I once was. I seriously considered timing my son’s birth there, just so he could be from Texas too. I didn’t.
5. French fries and frosties. YUM.

Crystal - I don’t think you people understand – if I remember right, Lacey is saying SHE DIPS THE FRY IN – IN – THE FROSTY! This, to me, is the only thing worse than the peanut butter sandwiches my mom dipped in milk. (can you imagine dipping A MEAL other than cereal in milk?) It all makes me want to throw up a little.

Heather - I love meeting people from Montana…I lived there for just over two years thanks to the military and LOVED it. When I meet people who have been there, it’s like an automatic bond because we both know of one of America’s hidden treasures!!

Lacey - Cyrstal I do think these people get it. I know you don’t want to believe it but there are way more people out there that eat french fries and frosties together. Something about the sweet and the salty.
If you could ever get past that little problem with the ice cream and try it, trust me you would love it.

Karen - I can attest to the use of non-standard colors. Who knew so many colors existed at a flea market. I must say that fries dipped in a frosty is divine and not disgusting in the slightest bit :)

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