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a quilt of her own


I love the idea of my girls alongside me when I am creating and sewing.  Since Evyn was a toddler, barely bigger than the bolts, she's acompanied me to fabric stores and scavenged the thrift shops for something I can repurpose.  She's even modeled the finished pieces on an occasion or two, happy to be adorned in my handiwork. 




The other day, as I finished up an order for baby gifts, she sat in a chair next to me, playing with the fabric, marveling at the sewing machine, adoring the idea that something – a blanket, a toy, a purse – comes from all those separate pieces and ideas and detailed handiwork. 

I am actually more proud of myself when I see the wonder in her eyes, and I never get tired of hearing "wow, mommy!" when she sees a finished piece of craft – even my experiments gone wrong.  For all my faults as a mom, one thing I'm really proud of is having brought the idea of creating to her little world. 

When this idea for a fabric-and-glue quilt came to my email from Kids Craft Weekly I immediately thought of my fabric stash – the same one Evyn's little hands love to rummage through and throw all over the house (and tree).

I started with a rectangular piece of muslin and a bowl of watered-down glue and told her to go for it.


Being a perfectionist, she's loathe to try anything without a lot of specific instruction, so this was  the ideal little craft to stretch her comfort zone.  I held back and forced her to choose the fabrics and placement.


The finished piece is adorable, and I love it when it makes an appearance in her day's work (lately she's become a stay-at-home mom herself).

It's fun to see a little of yourself in them sometimes, isn't it?


Sheryl - What a great idea! I teach preschool and this would be a wonderful activity. Thank you for sharing.

Heather - This is a great idea! I’m going to try this with my daughter! She loves to help when I’m sewing and recently asked when she can get her own sewing machine. Although, I’m not nearly as talented as you :) I love teaching her to create as well!

celia - Oh, your kid’s pic with bolt bigger than her is so fun and so sweet too! lol…

dana - Great idea. I may use it with my art students. And, her quilt is precious!!

Amber - How sweet! That is a great kid craft idea that really does allow a lot of their own creativity, and I love that now she has a handmade “blanket” for *her* babies! Thanks for sharing!

Tanya - How sweet is that? I am definetly going to do this w/my son.

Margot - That’s a great project idea! I’m impressed how perfectly she was laying them out, she must have been watching you pretty carefully!

Andrea - You and your girls are going to have a lot of fun years ahead of you – crafting, thrifting, laughing, talking, creating!

Heather - How sweet! I will have to get JB doing something like that . I know she would love it. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas you share! Heather

jax - Evyn, a perfectionist? She’s definitely your daughter and her quilt is so cute. Lately, Dylan has started patting me on the back when he gives me ‘hugs & kisses’.

heather - This is a great idea! Im going to let my girls make their own quilt this weekend. I might sew it together and bind it once their done. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Lettie - That is so sweet! I also love the little cupcake.
I just discovered your blog while looking for an apron pattern. You are so talented and have great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

vanessa - That is so cute! I remeber doing the same thing with my mom when I was little. She would give me her scraps to “create” things for my dolls.

Mom - Your post today on FB reminded me of this one on the blog (one of my VERY favorites w/some cherished pictures *s*)… Don’t be surprised when Ev asks for a sewing machine of her own in a few years! You’ve done a great job of exposing her to all the steps of your creativity (sewing, photography..), she’s bound to be ahead of her years in this regard :)