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for the nielsons – auction #1: retro print half apron

**UPDATE #2- SECOND AUCTION ITEM: due to the response to the apron, I will be posting an additional handmade goody for auction (I'll be up late and waking early so wish me luck).

Thank you for your bids so far, sweet readers!


Preparing for this post, I was reading through older posts from Stephanie's and CJane's blogs, getting to know these neat families even better.  Something I couldn't help thinking about was that all those posts were before August 16, 2008.  How normal and daily and crafty and charmed their days were.  And then there was August 16, 2008.  A day they couldn't see coming in all those posts. The day that will forever mark their lives in one way or another. 

I know from personal experience how much one day can change the course of your entire life as you imagined it.  Which is why I was compelled to put myself out here for this auction.  I normally don't sell the things I make.  And I have no clue how many actual readers I have – maybe only a small circle, but I know you are loyal.  And I'm hoping that you won't leave me out here with crickets chirping or my mom will have to save the day with a bid (you would, right, mom?).  The funds will go to the Nielson's medical bills (projected to be in the millions), their household management, and no doubt to their children's care (who are currently living with Stephanie's sister).


So here it is: a reversible, 100% cotton half apron made using one of my most-linked tutorials – Nana's Reversible Half-Apron, and a handmade note card to accompany it. This would make an awesome kitchen shower gift, christmas gift, best friend gift, or to-yourself gift.  Handmade.  With love.  By me.  Aren't you in the mood for a little package on your doorstep?


And because I love throwing in extras, I'll give you your choice: 1) one of my favorite vintage finds – Betty Crocker's Parties for Children (blogged about here)


OR 2) a small stack of decorating magazines from my stash (doesn't everyone love decorating magazines?).


So how does this work?  Simply, actually

How to bid: Bid using the comments section – you can choose to use your actual name, or "anonymous" and email me your info (crystal0901 [at] hotmail [dot] com).

How much to bid: Bid in increments of $1 or more (I'll start at $10, the next bid could be $11, and so on)

When will this end? Bidding for both auctions will end at 6 PM Eastern on Friday, August 29.

Payment:  There are a few methods floating out there, including a Paypal account dedicated to them, and several bank accounts dedicated to them.  We can work that out at the end.

I will cover shipping of the items.

They have a long road ahead.  Whether it's a prayer, a link to this post, or a bid, please do what you can. 


**For those wanting to donate directly to their fund, visit Nie's Recovery site.**

Crystal - I’ll start at $10.

Kim - I’ll bid $15!

celia - I’ll make it $20. We need to help! I think that’s a great, great idea! I think I’ll make something similar in my blog too! Thanks so much for the idea! It is great! We need to help all us bloggers and specially those kids need their parents with them again soon!

Toni Coward - $25 from me!

jax - I bid $30!

Becky - I bid $100.00

Leaner - I just wanted to say that I am so impressed by this, it really brought tears to my eyes.
Prayers, well wishes and all of that.

ashley - go girl go! lets get those bids higher! I linked to you with a little bit about what you are auctioning on my blog! you are rocking!

Catharine - too cool. I am noticing the revitization of the retro style. Just came back from a vaca in North Carolina.We ran into a store that’s theme is the 40s/50s. I love how you went “Green” with your designs.
I am an interior designers whose focus is the family and the heart of a woman. I can see you area the beat of your home. Keep up the good lov’n!!!
By the way, I am new to your blog. I was surfing “Christian Decorating” and you were first on my list. Since this is the first time I visiting your blog, can you give me a history on the reason for your fund raiser?

karen - What a beautiful gesture Crystal. Thank you for the link to their care page. And yea, a flea market trip is needed.