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For a good cause: Tune in Tomorrow


What I love about the blogging community is that we rally around our fellow bloggers when it's most important.  By now you have probably heard of the terrible plane crash that left one killed and two seriously injured.  The couple, Stephanie and Christian Nielson, are parents of four young children.  Christian is burned over 30% of his body and Stephanie over 80%; they are in for a long recovery.  Stephanie is the popular blogger of The NieNie Dialogues.


I only discovered Stephanie's (Nie) blog a couple of days ago and quite by accident.  I had read about her lovely home by way of a new favorite blog and only after discovering what a neat little family she has did I realize that she had been in a tragic accident.  I was moved by her attitude and zest for life and family, and saddened to hear of this tragedy.

Even more compelling was reading about her by way of her sister jane (of cjanerun blog – scroll down and read the "State of Our Union" post).  You all know I have a sweet spot in my heart for sisters.

So, I'm feeling a little nervous about this – kind of along this blogger's post about being amongst the sea of popular girls.  But my mom taught me after we survived the poorest years – when boxes of food would suddenly show up at our door and someone was always there with a helping hand for us - that when you can, pay it forward.  I want my girls to learn that same concept, too. 

So, today my girls will be alongside me, watching me create a small something that will probably only make the tiniest of dents in someone else's world.  But in the process will be reminding me how precious life is, and how important it is to be there in someone's hour of need.

Tune in tomorrow for my little blogging auction, held here - but only one of many auctions  linked at DesignMom - to benefit the Nielson's recovery and medical bills. There is sure to be plenty of goodies for you to bid on, including one of my own.  Here's a sneak peek:


Emily G. - This is a wonderful idea. You have such a good heart.