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show your love – auction #2: patchwork scarf

Due to the awesome response to the apron, I decided, rather last-minute, to put up a second auction item.  Again a little nervous, but hopeful that I'll have company today. 

So, here it is: a yummy patchwork scarf that is my little fabric stash victory of the season – so much so that I am sad to see it go.  Measuring 5" x 66", the patchwork pieces are 100% cotton and the scarf is lined in a soft suiting material.  Accompanied by a handmade notecard for an added detail if you're gifting (but let's be honest, wouldn't this look great on you?).  




So how does this work?  Simply, actually:

How to bid: Bid using the comments section – you can choose to use your actual name, or "anonymous" and email me your info (crystal0901 [at] hotmail [dot] com).

How much to bid: Bid in whole dollar increments (I'll start at $10, the next bid could be $11, and so on)

When will this end? Bidding for both auctions will end at 6 PM Eastern on Friday, August 29. I may close earlier if bids taper off quickly.

Payment:  There are a few methods floating out there, including a Paypal account dedicated to them, and several bank accounts dedicated to them.  We can work that out at the end.

Shipping: I will cover shipping of the items.

Who is this for?  If you've stumbled across my page randomly today, please read the previous two posts to find links about the Nielson family and their plight.

Here are their four young children:


Image copyright Blue Lily Photography

Here is Stephanie & her youngest kiddo:


No, I don't know her, don't know her family.  I don't need to.  That face could be me, or a friend, or family member.  Have you ever had a stranger pray for you, care about you, want to do something to make the day better for you?  I have.  So it's my turn.

If you have time, flip through Stephanie's blog pages.  You'll be moved by her love of life and family as I was.  For an especially sweet post, read this.  I mean, her husband still brings her roses (James, are you reading?).

Thank you for your bids and prayers and links and love. For those wanting to donate directly to their fund, visit Nie's Recovery site.

Visit DesignMom today for all the blessed, bloggy goodness and outpouring of love for the Nielson family. 

Crystal - I’ll start at $10.

Ashley - I bid $15

Keri - I’ll bid $25

Emily Gorab - I’ll bid $30.

karen - I bid $35.

Becky - Bid = $40

Leaner - $45

Lauren - I will bid $50

Ashley - I bid $55

josie - You did a wonderful thing.