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speechless thursday

This is my dad.  My raised-in-a-traditional-machismo-Mexican-family dad.  Changing a diaper. 



This is how I know he loves me.

Andrea - What a guy!! And he does love you, doesn’t he!! This was definitely an “awww” moment :)
Apparently my dad loves me too… A little birdie (my mom) told me he changed Judah’s diaper once while they were watching the kids. I’ve never witnessed it, though. You know I’d be like you – whippin’ out my camera to document such an event :)

vanessa - I love your discription of your dad. Mine is the same way. He never changed his own kids’ diapers but as soon as those grandbabies came out he was a big softy!

Brianna Dupuy - So seriously, I think I want to eat Ashlyn..ha ha just kidding but really she is just so so so cute!! Everytime I click on your blog, and I see her picture, I want a baby so bad…. so I think I am ready…scared but ready, but it is all in God’s hands. I hope though if I am blessed that I will be a good mommy like you. Is Ashlyn as sweet as she looks!! Then there is your other equally cute toddler E… she is also cute, your little helper, and she is looking a lot like you…do you see that too?

janice - wow this is fab! what a wonderful thing!

Margot - And loves your girls too!! Your babies are so cute I can hardly stand it! I also LOVE the play suit A has been wearing in the last two posts!

Susan Kern - Yay for great dads. Now I miss mine even more! It’s been almost 3 years since we made a trip “home.”

celia - Lol… And seems like she does know how fun the pic is for all of you!; lol…
I think we know other part of our parents in the second they become grandparents!

Carrie - It’s amazing how much they soften up by the time the grandbabies come around!!!

another Andrea - The first picture is amazing. The tiny, snowwhite, cute babygirl and your dad’s tanned arms, the rough skin.