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her purple blankie


So I bet you're wondering if I've made anything recently or if this blog is going to be all kiddos-girly-blah-blah-blah?  I have to be honest.  At times this blog is going to be like your co-worker's kiddo-decorated cubicle.  I just can't help myself.  But, I have gotten back to my crafty side recently and I'd love to show you some things.

I actually crocheted this purple blankie around the same time as my spring green one that Evyn ignores.  I would point out the pattern but it was so incredibly slow-going and awful I just couldn't do that to you.  There has to be a lacey pattern that goes ten times faster than this one did (and if you happen to know of one, please show me where).  I was actually afraid I'd have to give this to Ashlyn for high school graduation.



Evyn and Ashlyn both dig this blanket.  Maybe because it's a convenient size.  And good for so many things – like a snack:


Or for face-burying.  You know, blankies need love, too.


Or as a speed bump between you and the floor.


Ashlyn sure knows how to get the most out of a good blankie.

Margot - And what a pretty blanket it is! Even if it took forever it really is beautiful so I hope you’re happy NOW for all the time you put into it! I’m sure she’ll cherish it forever!

Amber - Those little legs just kill me – I love this age :-)
The blanket is so pretty and feminine!

LauraJ - thanks for the smile today. you ramble on about anything you want. i live vicariously through you…i will never have girls!

Karen - I love the blanket and the chair :)

Michelle - that blankie is beautiful!

celia - Lol… Oh God, this girl’s fun!
I love the blanket and the pattern must be so hard, lol… It’s a huge work! But lovely result! And she loves it so the work was perfect!, lol…
Love to see pics of that wonderful little fun girl!

Penny - It’s absolutely lovely and it’s obvious your baby really appreciates it!

Susan - Such a beautiful purple blankie (my favorite color, by the way). I love it!

vanessa - My first two kids both got crocheted blankets from my aunt and MIL but they seem to of forgotten my third. I wish I had one for him, they both loved theirs.
That one is so pretty. love the color.