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Monthly Archives: October 2008

dress up a can of tomato soup

Sick as a dog today and barely managing.  But managing, nonetheless.  Wanted to pop in and say hi with a cheater recipe. If you know me at all you know that I am totally into cheating, or at least doing things the easy way if possible.  Over the years I've found some ways to check […]

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four (sniff, sniff)

That's right, everyone.  My baby is four.  Those of you who've been reading along for a couple of years now…can you believe how the time has passed?       The cool thing about fall birthdays is all the options for parties – costumes or pumpkin painting or in this case – a pumpkin patch.  This year […]

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Take better photos: a link list

Thank you for all the great comments on my last post and wonderful compliments (although I promise I wasn't going for that).  I really just wanted to encourage you moms to include yourselves in the family album every once in a while. If you're trying to think of an opportune time to get a snapshot, […]

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get in the picture, already!

  If you're like me, you have hundreds of pictures of your children, of your children with your husband, of your children with your parents, of your children with the neighbor - with the neighbor's dog – but only about four of you with your children.   You say it's because you're the family photographer and historian – no one ever thinks to […]

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evyn’s pocket family

  Here they are: already scratched up (note to self: seal the paint before giving to little hands to bang together), and missing their fabric pouch. I ran out of time and thought if I waited until I re-touched their paint and sewed their sure-to-be-adorable little pouch, this post would never make it to the blog.  So here they are. Basically, imperfect […]

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