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evyn’s pocket family


Here they are: already scratched up (note to self: seal the paint before giving to little hands to bang together), and missing their fabric pouch. I ran out of time and thought if I waited until I re-touched their paint and sewed their sure-to-be-adorable little pouch, this post would never make it to the blog.  So here they are. Basically, imperfect and half-done, just like us.


I decided not to paint faces, opting instead for Evyn to use her imagination.  We also bought a house-shaped display shelf that we're going to let Evyn decorate some wintery afternoon.  That's her new thing – decorating.  In part because she sees me shuffling things around here all the time.  

I know we can't entirely escape all things plastic and Disney and literal, but I have long thought that every kid's toy collection should include items that require imagination (blocks can be food or building materials or game pieces, for instance), things made of natural materials, and items that are personal and can be handed down.  Her pocket family wasn't the show-stopper on her birthday; that prize went to the plastic purple keyboard and Barbie laptop I hate myself for giving her.  But she does treasure them, and someday she'll appreciate the effort and creativity I put into it.  

These make excellent gifts for both boys and girls, and if you're creative but don't want to take a stab at painting, you can buy a custom set already painted (or half-painted), or just order a completely natural set and sew a little roll-up pouch for them.   For the girly-girl, try these adorable little necklaces.  Speaking of natural materials, browse Casey's Wood products to spark your handmade gift-giving imagination.

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Carrie - These turned out so adorable! Wish I had your talent for painting…I would definately have to buy already decorated ones!

Heather - you’ve got to use that for a future banner. How cute are they? You are very creative! Heather

Jenny Gardner - Crystal,
What are you thinking of giving your girls for Christmas? Just curious. I don’t want shelves of more plastic toys but can’t think of anything that would wow them.

Michelle - These dolls are adorable. They look very professional, sealed or not!

Nicole - I am a lurker! You have the greatest links…I grew up in the military and I didn’t understand until I got married what my parents went through! Wow! The sacrifice you make runs so deep! Thank you, and I hope you don’t mind I am adding you to my blog roll, I just started sewing!! 😉 Nice to meet you!!

Andrea - Oh, I love them. LOVE them.
And I love that you are “half-done” too, just like me.

Amber - Oh my gosh – these are so cute – thanks for all the links – I may have to make some for stocking presents!!

Mary - What kind of paint did you use? How do you apply the paint so evenly at the neck of the figure? With a paint brush the uneven stroke would show. Is there a way that you covered the head down to the neck before you started painting the body? Thanks. Super cute :)