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Take better photos: a link list

Thank you for all the great comments on my last post and wonderful compliments (although I promise I wasn't going for that).  I really just wanted to encourage you moms to include yourselves in the family album every once in a while.

If you're trying to think of an opportune time to get a snapshot, try a few of these times:

  • Right after church or holiday program – once you've taken those killer shoes off and you're relaxed on the livingroom floor 
  • After work, outside in the grass (light is less harsh in the afternoon).
  • The next playdate with the kids (hand your friends the camera and tell them to scoot in close).
  • Dropping your kids off at school (or picking them up); sit on the floor indian-style with them in your lap.

And by the way, THIS even totally counts as a picture with your kid:


You don't have to have a fancy camera.  Pay more attention to the light in the room (use natural light when you can and try like heck to avoid using the flash); how much background "crap" you have in the shot (move in close), and RELAX – pictures are even better when they're NOT posed.

Here are a few links to quick articles:   

All You: Take Fabulous Family Photos (and say that three times fast)

Real Simple: Take a Better Family Photo

HP: Take Better Photos - Family Portraits (and here's their Photography Tips section)

And since I know you all will be doing the dreaded Christmas photo soon, here's an article by Me Ra Koh Photography (a very practical blog for you budding photography-moms out there): Bribing Kids for the Perfect Christmas Photo

Andrea - Lovin’ all those links!!
I also love that the word “crap” is a staple in your vocab just like mine. :)

jax - so good to actually see YOU! Your girls are beautifuly…really A’s little wet eyelashes after her bath are so…so…’little baby girl’, you know?

eileen - I am a complete and utter stranger that stumbled upon your blog…and I love it. Would you mind if I link to you?

Katrina Olenik - Hello,
I’m also a perfect stranger who came across your blog! (I think I was searching for a Crochet Beanie for a toddler). I’ve read your blog for about a month or so and I’m really new to the whole blog thing! I added your blog to the “Blogs I frequent” list without asking you…So sorry! I just love your blog and the crafty Beautiful things you make! Hope your family is well and keep posting :)
Katrina Olenik in ID