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four (sniff, sniff)


That's right, everyone.  My baby is four.  Those of you who've been reading along for a couple of years now…can you believe how the time has passed?


The cool thing about fall birthdays is all the options for parties – costumes or pumpkin painting or in this case – a pumpkin patch.  This year we decided to host a party in the "Back Forty" at a working farm and pumpkin patch – Vollmer Farm in Bunn, North Carolina.  If you have young children and you live within an hour (or even two) of this place, I highly recommend spending a day there.  There are almost too many things to list that make this place awesome (but that won't keep me from trying): homemade icecream and pumpkin pies, the underground slide, a tractor-pulled train, the zip line, corn crib, and the awesomest pumpkin jumpy thing ever.

We got there early and snatched a couple of picnic tables close to a large tree and small pond.  It was absolutely charming.  


I wanted to post all seventeen hundred photos right here on the front page, but I thought that might be just a little hideous, so I've posted them HERE in a handy little photo album.

Click to view: Evyn's Birthday at the Pumpkin Patch    

Lucy - Crystal, the decorations are lovely, and so is whole idea for the party. . . . which is exactly what I would expect from you. You have a “lovely” touch.

Penny - I’ve just been reading some of your older posts, trying to get an idea of what Military life is going to be like. It’s not very often that I come across a blog post that makes me cry, I cried over several of your posts. Especially the posts about your daughter. I don’t think my husband will have to do anything dangerous, he’s not infantry or anything but I’m not looking forward to any seperation at all. He’s only at Basic Training right now. Our daughter is 9 months old. I don’t think she will know who he is when he comes home.

Vanessa - Happy birthday to your little girl. I love her cake it is so cute, what a fun idea to have it at a pumpkin patch. My son just went to a birthday party at a hunted house this weekend and he said it was one of the best parties he’s ever been to.

Margot - What a great looking party! I love the flags you made, you picked great colors!! Happy birthday to the super cute four year old!!

Kristen - Can you share more about your birthday banner that you put their handprints on? Is that something you reuse every year? If so what is it made of? (I found your blog when I searched baby belts. I am trying to make some for my friends!) Thanks for sharing all your fun mommy tips.

Amber - What a wonderful birthday – your pictures are amazing too!! You really got some wonderful ones…I love it when that happens :-)
Happy 4th Birthday!!

Shannon - Hi! I enjoyed scrolling through your blog! You take AWESOME pictures! Thanks for your ideas on what do do with my plates!!

Kahne - That looks like a lot of fun! They grow up much too fast.

Hannah - That looks like a whole lot of fun! I love the flags, those are adorable! Thanks for sharing, I love the photos!

Sarah Byrum - Hey, I was reluctant to look at the fourth birthday photos because it really makes me sad. That’s so horrible. I miss you guys so much. All of your photos have been a treat to look through. I am so happy that you guys are enjoying family time together. If anyone can fully appreciate it, you and James can. I tell myself that Evyn is still the same, just a little older. The face she is making in the photo of Ashlyn knocking her blocks over is priceless and resurfaces so many wonderful memories.