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birthday linens

So, someone is turning one year old soon.  I know – EEK!  Per tradition, we will be going to Nashville just before Thanksgiving to celebrate with friends and family.  Which means I need to whip up a set of birthday linens.  These are the fabrics I've chosen for her (including a bit of green you can barely see squished in the middle of the stack there). 


I love these colors–especially the brown with tiny dots.  I hope I still love them several years from now as they'll be Ashlyn's birthday decorations for the next few years. 


When Evyn turned one I was a mess.  James was set to deploy just a few days after her party and I was nervous and anxious and it seemed like everything had to be just perfect.  Just in case.  Just in case it was the only birthday he ever celebrated with her.  It seems terrible to even see that written, but that one, horrible thought was always there, underscoring the way we spent our time together all those days leading up to his final departure.  Our future was completely out of my control.  So, per usual, I hyper-focused on the things that were in my control, which meant balloons and fresh flowers and fabric.



It seemed a little over-the-top at the time to dress all the tables and doorways in fabric – the party store would have been just fine, I guess.  But since then we've reused these fabrics several times.


By next year, I'm sure Evyn will want a specific theme – something horrifying like Barbie or Hannah Montana or Cinderella blech.  But it's been fun bringing out these fabrics every year, and we've quite unexpectedly created a little personalized tradition – each will have her own set of birthday linens.

We've also bought personalized vinyl banners to bring out every year.  One suggestion I read in the review section of the online store I originally bought this from was to trace the birthday girl's hand on the banner every year for posterity.  So that's now become our tradition at the end of the evening.  The banners are a little generic, but they were inexpensive – around $20.



When I've finished sewing up the decorations, I'll post a little tutorial.  You'd be surprised how easy it all is – and there are no-sew options as well for those of you without sewing machines.

janice - yeah for a tutorial!! yeah how wonderful!!

Andrea - I really loved the idea of the birthday linens and the hand-tracing idea when I first read about them. But, I thought my chance had passed because Eve was 5 and Judah 2… I realized today that I could still do them; better late than never. And Eliza will have them from the beginning.
My mom will be getting a call with your tutorial address so she can whip them up :)
One?! How does it happen so quickly?

celia - Lovely party and a huge work!
Happy belated birthday!

Keri - Crystal – you are so creative. I love the linens. Hard to believe Ashlyn is turning 1.
PS – LOVED your previous post. It was EXACTLY what I have been thinking/feeling.

Hannah Shaw - I love the birthday linens. It is so special and unique. The pictures intertwined with the flags are adorable. Very creative!

Heather - love your banner and birthday linen. I too dread the day when Julia Belle will want those themed party plates…
So far we have made it to birthday number 4 with none of those things….I can’t wait to read your tutorials.

Chloe - I’m looking forward to seeing the tutorial.
You are right about the horrid themed decorations too. This year, for my daughters 5th bithday we had to have everything Disney Princess. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much lilac and pink!
We’ve also got our sons 1st birthday next month.
Where does the time go!
Its gone too quickly!

Dianna D - Our babies are very close in age (DD’s bday is Nov. 18th) and I am up to my armpits making her birthday banner, when I happened upon your blog! Great minds think alike! I really like the idea of the pictures interspersed (sp?) with the pennants. I was thinking of cutting baby’s name out of paper and tacking them onto the pennants. That way they could be removed and replaced with the birthday girl’s name (I have 3). Beautiful job and I can’t wait to see your finished banner!

kburklin - what a cute idea….I especially like the little cherries…!

Becca - I can’t wait to read your tutorial!

Sara - These are the most adorable decorations! Please post a tutorial. I would love to make the flags for my niece’s birthday at the end of the month.