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my baby turned one

Here she is.  My one-year-old, as of yesterday.  Where did the time go? I understand how it happens – how people have baby after baby.  Who would want the baby-ness to end?  The squishy cheeks and pudge-feet and squealy delight and mischeviousness.  I certainly don't.  I can understand how "the baby" of the family is treated like the Forever-Baby, innocent and younger than the rest, somehow less culpable and more innocent no matter what the age. 


I find myself much more relaxed with Ashlyn, not wanting her to learn too fast, to grow up too soon, to ever get older.  People ask me if she's walking yet.  "No!" I exclaim, almost horrified, shivering at the thought that my bitty baby, who stomps as she crawls (its the cutest to watch her head bob side to side with every step) is someday soon going to get around on two feet, become a toddler. 

She is getting more adorable by the minute.  She has such a different personality than Evyn, though they're both the most lovely kids and mom could ever parent.  Ashlyn is less verbal, more physical.  She likes to cuddle, and head-butt, and be tickled.  If she knows you and likes you, she'll give you a squishy face.  When she's proud of herself, she'll clap, and wait for you to return the congratulations.


She doesn't give too much of herself away in public, frustrating passersby who want her to babble or smile or somehow perform.  She is intently curious and reserved in every situation with strangers, and she saves the best of herself and her personality for her family and home.  And she is most happy there, at home, safe with the people and things she knows best.  We frequently find her splayed out on the floor, kicking her feet in contentment.


We'll have to baby-proof more diligently with Ashlyn than we did with Evyn.


Evyn caught on to rules and no-nos very quickly.  I only had to make a buzzer noise one time and she'd walk away.  That just eggs Ashlyn on, who has a knack for finding the most dangerous or most expensive items in the house to play with.  See this pointy, sharp, heavy thing?  Evyn would instinctively know to avoid it.  It's Ashlyn's favorite thing to mess with (I've moved it).


Of course, as I type this, Ashlyn is chewing on the cord to my laptop.  Wait, she's moved on to chewing Evyn's toes.  You might think that's gross.  I think it's  hilarious.  She adores Evyn, and it's only more obvious the more she messes with her.

We celebrated the day rather simply.  Evyn and Daddy baked a cake for her.


And while we had to coax and prod Evyn into touching her very first cake, Ashlyn had no problem digging in.



She is.  My Doll-Baby.  Happy Birthday, Squishy Sweetness. 




Casey - she’s such a cutie! we had to babyproof more with our second too, I think it’s a second babything.

Casey - oh, I forgot, where did you get that adorable shirt?

Andrea - I love the one year old stage but it is sad. Sad that they must grow out of being a baby. Eliza and I are in talks about this phenomenon. Hopefully I will win and she will stay soft, and sweet, and squishy forever.
The pictures are all lovely. I feel like I know her which means you captured her personality and who she truly is perfectly!
It seems like just yesterday I was waiting and waiting to read the birth announcement!

angie - I’ve been reading your blog for a month or so now. I’m not sure how I happened upon it, but I feel like we are almost kindred spirits. My oldest child is Ashlyn, who was born right before my husband deployed in 2005. I wish that I had found you during that year+.
I may be following your example and making decorations for my son’s first birthday in January.
Anyway, just wanted to delurk to say I love your photos, and your blog!

Jennifer - What a cutie!! I loves the age from about 5-18 months :) I’m on #5 and she’s almost 6 months now – you are totally right about always wanting to have a baby. I just love the cheeks and the kisses, the baby smells, and the smiles. It’s sad to think that she might be my last one :(

pixie - great photos, she’s soo sweet. My girl also is a bit spunky like that :)

Emily - Oh she is just. TOO. CUTE. You have captured her squishy sweetest so perfectly! I can almost smell her babyness! :) Reminds me that my baby boy is almost 18 mos and I feel that twinge of sadness as he grows out of his own babyness…at least he’s still squishy! :) Happy Birthday Ashlyn!!

Erin Beck - I want to meet her so bad, she spunds just like my second Luke. Doesn’t say much, walked later than Jack and is just dangerous and very curious. 18 months today and thinking I might want another for that good old babyness, call me crazy.

Erin Beck - Whoops, Happy First Birthday baby Ashlyn!!!

Lucy - What a beauty! It’s amazing to me how old they seem at one (how did the time go by so fast?!) and how much, by the time you get to three, one still looks like a baby. Sigh.
Thanks for sharing her with us.

Katrina - Happy Birthday to your sweet little one! My 2nd Daughter will be 1 in a few short months and I can’t believe how the time flys!
I would love to send you a few of the little bows I make for your girls…A birthday gift! If you are ok with sending me your address :)
Hope you have a Blessed Day!
Katrina, reading in Idaho :)

Margot - She really is such a squishy bundle of cuteness!! Happy Birthday little A!

Hannah Shaw - Beautiful post. I enjoyed reading every word. The pictures are adorable. What a great big sister and Dad for baking the cake together for the little one. It’s things like that, that make your heart swell.
Have a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing.

janice - What a lovely post and pictures are adorable. what a bundle of love. you are so lucky.

Annette - I remember when. . . they grow so fast! My babies are 13 and 14. =/ Little women.

Amory - What a lovely post. I almost thought I was reading about my little boy. You described his personality to a T! :)

Melissa - Hi, I ran across your blog.. by blog jumping. AND MAN, I’m glad I did! Love the photos… could she get any cuter? I think NOT!

Nyssa Rae - Hi, I know I’m a little late, but only just found your blog, Happy belated 1st B’day Ashlyn. She’s gorgeous, My LO only recently turned 1 too, is exciting and scary all at the same time 😀

kanchan - Hey hi dear, well I was just hunting down something on the internet and I just happened to pass by ur blog, ur blogs r really very nice, lovely child, and I paray to God that he always keep u happy forever, My loads of love to the kids, the angels….
God Bless u all.