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Monthly Archives: November 2008

a most gracious loser and a win for equality

I can't stand to lose at board games.  In fact, I'll usually quit before I do.  Ask my husband.  As soon as things start going south in Monopoly or Hearts or Gin (even Yahtzee), I start to twitch and whine and negotiate.  If he doesn't give me wiggle room score-wise, I give up altogether and concede […]

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halloween, part 2

I bet you think that as a crafty, creative person, and amateur sew-er, I have a hayday with Halloween.  I don't. Maybe it's because I'm usually busy planning for other things…Evyn's birthday, now Ashlyn's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Halloween just gets totally squeezed out.  I'm sure as the girls get older, their enthusiasm will motivate […]

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halloween, part 1

  The night before Halloween we had a sort of Family Night.  James brought home the fixings to make a halloween treat that was way too sweet, but fun to make anyway.    Do these look like ghosts to you?  Evyn did the chocolate-chip-adorning, so some of them came out looking like ghosts and some […]

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