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Monthly Archives: December 2008

the girlfriend wrap: a truly no-sew, no-fuss handmade gift

It's not too late to give a handmade gift to your friend, daughter, sister, or mother-in-law. An actually-useful gift that I've given and made for myself several times now.  I'm talking about the Girlfriend Wrap – a fleece blanket-slash-wrap thingy that is actually quite pretty. This is about as simple as it gets: no talent, no […]

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wordless (ish) wednesday

  I swear I feed her. That cute number in her hair was made by a lovely reader who wanted to bless my girls with her bow-making talent and sent me a card full of pinks and dots and flowers.  These will quiet my North Carolina friends who balk that my girls leave the house […]

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life goes on

It was Lora's birthday yesterday.  I didn't write a post honoring my sister.  I always do – on her actual birthday.  But our entire family was getting over a major stomach bug and I had gotten behind on laundry etcetera and the words just didn't come. Every time I sat down there was another phone […]

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