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dancing queen

Sometimes we just turn the music on and let her go…

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Andrea - I’m pretty sure the second to last one is my favorite. LOVE IT. I would’ve been saying – You GO, girlfriend!! :)
Last night we were ALL dancing to Christmas music – it was such fun! The best part was watching Judah breakdancing. Like, complete with “the worm.” Daniel and I looked at each other, incredulous. We don’t know where the HECK he learned how to dance like that. Seriously. It’s like his natural dance inclination is to breakdance.
I did birth him. I swear. I remember in much to great a detail.
I love the light in your livingroom! It’s gorgeous.

Margot - When I was her age, and actually for many years afterwards, I would turn on music in the living room (usually classical music actually) and dance around for an hour or so. And then I’d get embarassed when someone would come into the room, yet I was doing it in the central room of the house…
I will admit I stopped doing it when my mom FINALLY let me take ballet when I was 10!

Keri - Look at her moves!!!

The NON-Superwoman - I love this…Love your sweet blog. May she never lose that love for dancing. There’s an award for you on my blog:

sewtakeahike - oh how cute! she is a little dancer isn’t she?

Lacey - I can’t believe how big she has gotten. she is so cute.

Kristi - The 5th one is the best haha! I love watching kids dance, they don’t ever really get embarrassed or worry that they are doing it ‘wrong’ they just LET GO and DANCE. We should all be like that.
Very very cute!-Kristi

Alycia - Beautiful pictures!! I found you through Andrea’s blog and am so enjoying reading your posts. We are a military family as well, living overseas in Japan and my husband is now deployed to Iraq. Thank you so much for the encouragement I am finding here. Blessings…

Lucy - Wow, she’s good! And she looks so much older than 4. I like the last three especially.
And by the way, we totally have the same couch =).

Marte - Love these photos, how they show her expressions and body language! Thanks for sharing :)