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wordless (ish) wednesday

Nashville08 554 

I swear I feed her.

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That cute number in her hair was made by a lovely reader who wanted to bless my girls with her bow-making talent and sent me a card full of pinks and dots and flowers.  These will quiet my North Carolina friends who balk that my girls leave the house with a head full of naked hair every day.  Thank you, Katrina!. 

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Lacey - Come on now you know that it is a requirement if you live in the south and have a baby girl she has to have a huge bow in her hair. I hated wearing them, but now i dream about torturing the child i don’t have with them.

Nadia - That is a most lovely bow on a most lovely young lady. :o)
Would it be awful of me to ask the source (if she sells them) for the benefit of my own little one’s naked hair?

Leslie - You have no idea how many books I now have that look like rats have nibbled at them. I have an 11 month old…nuf said.

Katrina - You are so so Welcome… I feel so Proud to make your Blog Crystal!! You just blessed my socks off! :) Merry Christmas and Lots of love to you and your family!

Annette - So precious. My girls, when they were toddlers, loved to chew on paper. I too heard the gasps when my girls would leave with naked hair. We moved to ‘toots’; those little pony tails on the top of the head. =)

Jackie - If you don’t mind me asking, what setting do you find you use most on your camera. Your pictures come out beautifully! It seems like you always have a lot of natural light. Our windows don’t seem so giving!

celia - Lol… She’s so cute! Wowww, will have to try those tickets, maybe they’re tastier than mines here, lol…