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the girlfriend wrap: a truly no-sew, no-fuss handmade gift


It's not too late to give a handmade gift to your friend, daughter, sister, or mother-in-law. An actually-useful gift that I've given and made for myself several times now.  I'm talking about the Girlfriend Wrap – a fleece blanket-slash-wrap thingy that is actually quite pretty.


This is about as simple as it gets: no talent, no creativity, no yarn-spinning ability required.  Just a yard of fleece and a pair of scissors (or pinking shears or pinking rotary cutter – just use what you have).

To Make:

1.  Lay out your fleece.

2.  Cut up the middle, stopping 16 – 20 inches short of cutting it entirely in half (see diagram)


3.  (Optional) Round the corners using a large cup or plate.


For this project I picked a thinner fleece with a sort of heathered pattern.  These wraps are really useful around the house as a couch wrap, or perfect for warming up at a party without totally spoiling your outfit with a coat.  They can be worn a couple of ways, as demonstrated here by my friend Amy (who loved this wrap so much I gave it to her for her birthday last week).  It was bright out, so apologies for the blown-out pictures.



Here is another spin on the same design, made by my friend Sarah, who I gave one of these to a few years ago…

Anyway, this is truly Last-Minute Christmas.  But things don't have to be difficult to be thoughtful and pretty.  Roll this up with a pretty red bow and tuck in a packet of hot cocoa or coffee.  She'll love it.

About the music: just for a few days, in the spirit of Christmas.  And because I want you to hear Taylor Swift's version of Silent Night.  Awesome.

Kerri - I’ve been spying on your blog for a couple of months now. Sorry! I guess it’s time I came out of hiding! I really do love your blog and I have it on my reader list. I love your story and your photographs are amazing!

Martha - O.k. the music, you got me that is awesome. Your stuff is really cool. have a good holiday.

Phyllis Mantlo - Hey there, from James’ cousin in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I love that song and all her music! Taylor lives here in our town. My husband, Tim, and I went to early vote one morning right before the election, and she came in with her mom and got in the back of the line! She was very friendly. Also, just wanted you to know I visit your blog all the time. Your girls are adorable, and you and James make the perfect pair! I’m so proud of what a great husband and father he turned out to be. Best wishes to you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Phyllis

Kay - What an awesome idea, and so simple! I am already finished with Christmas gifts, but I think some friends may be getting these for their birthdays…!
Have a wonderful Christmas.

janice - wow! what a fantastic Idea thank you!! I have some reversable fleace and I am going to make this today for ME!! the song is GREAT!

Heather - love the wrap idea and Taylor’s version of the song…I know my daughter will love it too. I had not heard it. Blessings and Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy new Year! H.

Nathalie - Merry Christmas to you and your family! I visit your blog quite often! My husband is joining the Army as an Officer in January and I read your story about your life in the Army. It was very touching and encouraging too! Thanks for sharing!!!
God bless you!

Mieze - Merry Christmas to you, your adorable husband & your little cuties <3 In 2009 I definitely will visit your blog as often as I did in 2008 😉

Elizabeth - besutiful and thoughtful ideas as always. Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful family!

Erin Beck - I’ll take one of those, I’ll even pay you for it:) Please Please Please! I miss youguys and really want to either talk on the phone or visit. What are youall doing for Easter?

Nehmah McGehee - Thank you for the tutorial. While I didn’t copy the page, I did copy the diagram. I don’t remember very well, and the description wasn’t getting through. (My brain, NOT your wording!) I have so many pieces of fleece that I can now use up sensibly. I cannot see me making toy food when people need to be warm. Cordially, Nehmah

send gift Philippines - Thank you so much for the tutorial I like this handmade so innovative I like try doing this later,its gonna be a perfect gift for sure. Keep posting!

jordan 7 - Never buy what you do not want because it is cheap; it will be dear to you.

Jane - From time to time it’s nice to give gifts to your love ones made with your own hands, that’s labor of love :) I’m a constant visitor to your blog for the last 3 months and I just love your simple ideas, like this one, yes, one doesn’t need to have skill to make one of this but you’re giving us inspiration to learn more. Thanks