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Monthly Archives: December 2008

slacker christmas decor

This is what you do if you've been collecting Christmas fabric for three years in a row with all the intentions in the world of making stockings and table toppers or other miscellaneous Christmas-themed items…and then it's gotten too late to bother:  fold and stack them in a pretty wire basket and make it part […]

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seeing red

This year I am digging Christmas.  I bought half a dozen Christmas magazines two months ago and earmarked almost every page, making lists and lists of things to make.  But in the end, slightly handicapped by 8 days out of town, I decided to pare down my list to the easiest things I could do […]

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retract the christmas claws: having a merry christmas

Everyone knows patience is not my virtue.  If you are one of those patient and kind at all times types, I am jealous of you.  Since I know this is my shortcoming, and I also realize I live in a world where things don't necessarily fall into place around me, I've learned a few tricks […]

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a successful first party for Baby A

We are back and I'm so very behind.  Ashlyn's party went off perfectly.  My friends and gracious hosts Paul & Kat didn't bat an eye when 25 people (half of them children) squeezed into their home and I am so grateful for having been able to feel at home so many miles away.  It was […]

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