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Yearly Archives: 2008

my proud little homeowner

  A couple of weeks ago, Evyn was flipping through her National Geographic for Kids magazine and came upon a "gingerbread" house she just had to make.  Fond of the magazine-inspired creative process myself, I was anxious to help her vision come true.  The magazine featured fancy gumdrops and smarties and pretty coconut flakes, and […]

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my baby turned one

Here she is.  My one-year-old, as of yesterday.  Where did the time go? I understand how it happens – how people have baby after baby.  Who would want the baby-ness to end?  The squishy cheeks and pudge-feet and squealy delight and mischeviousness.  I certainly don't.  I can understand how "the baby" of the family is […]

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he was a soldier once

Did I ever tell you James joined the Guard after he got out of the Army?  Well, he did.  The details would bore you but he will not deploy overseas within the first two years of his commitment, and he won't likely stay in the Guard longer than a year or two. Last week he […]

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birthday linens

So, someone is turning one year old soon.  I know – EEK!  Per tradition, we will be going to Nashville just before Thanksgiving to celebrate with friends and family.  Which means I need to whip up a set of birthday linens.  These are the fabrics I've chosen for her (including a bit of green you can barely […]

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a most gracious loser and a win for equality

I can't stand to lose at board games.  In fact, I'll usually quit before I do.  Ask my husband.  As soon as things start going south in Monopoly or Hearts or Gin (even Yahtzee), I start to twitch and whine and negotiate.  If he doesn't give me wiggle room score-wise, I give up altogether and concede […]

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