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i love your blog (updated)

***ETA: ack!  I can't believe I forgot a couple of other blogs you might enjoy.  So I'll put them here at the top.  Someone here mentioned one of them already: SewTakeaHike.  Two of my favorite finished projects of hers: this "fruit salad quilt" that makes me envious and gives me hope at the same time […]

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speechless thursday

This is my dad.  My raised-in-a-traditional-machismo-Mexican-family dad.  Changing a diaper.      This is how I know he loves me.

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this is ashlyn eating cheerios

Um, so a warning here - this post really is just about ashlyn eating cheerios.  Sound incredibly edibly interesting enough? Really, I don't know why I feel compelled to share.  But the other day I took a few pictures just to practice and when I was playing them back for James I suddenly realized how very "Bubba" […]

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how to: easy handmade notecard

If you're a serious paper crafter or someone who knows how to make great stuff, just skip this post; you already know how to do something light years more difficult and intricate in probably half the time.  But, for the rest of you, who like the look and idea of handmade touches but don't really […]

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