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Yearly Archives: 2008

story and story

Don't you love it when I get creative with post titles?  Seriously, who has the energy? DesignMom alerted her readers to a couple of stories I thought you'd find interesting…and tragic. First story – regarding the NieNie auction and other efforts around her family's plane crash – written by Alex Williams at the New York […]

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guess who finally got a new camera?

And doesn't know what the heck she's doing?  Andrea, Dana, Lacey, Karen, DSLR people, are you out there?  I need you! This is what it looks like when I shoot in Manual Mode.  You know, like the pros. And this is what it looks like in Automatic.  One thing I totally love about shallow depth […]

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crafting whiplash

This is pretty typical aftermath of any creative endeavor, no matter how simple.  I just can't seem to be bothered with the whole pick-up-as-you-go-along method.  It inhibits the creative process, especially since most of my ditties are pretty much made up as I go along.    [sidenote: in case you're wondering why those pictures/mirrors are leaning […]

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And the winners are

Becky wins the apron and party book with her $100 bid and Ashley wins the scarf with her bid of $55.  Together, we raised $155!  And it couldn't have been done without ALL of your bids, so thank you so very much for showing your love and concern for the Nielsons!  You really came through, guys.  […]

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show your love – auction #2: patchwork scarf

Due to the awesome response to the apron, I decided, rather last-minute, to put up a second auction item.  Again a little nervous, but hopeful that I'll have company today.  So, here it is: a yummy patchwork scarf that is my little fabric stash victory of the season – so much so that I am sad to […]

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