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Monthly Archives: January 2009

pizza night

Not long ago we started Family Pizza Night.  It's not an original concept, but I tend to subscribe to the do-it-myself-it's-just-easier method of cooking (and cleaning, and check-writing, and phone-calling, etc).   But I'm enjoying this stage of family life and the better part is how involved Evyn wants to be in pretty much everything I […]

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full throttle

…and she's off folks!  My baby-est of babies is toddling.  Proudly, furiously, and with a purpose. And that purpose is sometimes mischievous…

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snow day, Obama day, new day

Tuesday was a snow day here.  Which was perfect, because I had explained the inauguration to Evyn and she seemed to understand it, at least in part.  She understands taking turns as leaders from school and ballet, so I approached it that way.  The girls made Obama Inauguration pennants during their playdate, so Evyn was […]

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take advantage of an MLK, jr. Day playdate

So despite our family's politics, I recognize that these next couple of days are significant, and provide a number of "teachable moments" for Evyn.  Moments I want to be prepared to take advantage of.  My friend Amy is bringing her daughter, K, over for a playdate today.  This inauguration has special significance to them (Amy's […]

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update: her box of cars

So you remember I was feeling bad about making Evyn doubt herself and her great idea for Show and Tell?  I did forgive myself but I was curious how Show and Tell went with the box of cars.  When I picked her up I asked her how it all went.  Her teacher, Mrs. B., was […]

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