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update: her box of cars


So you remember I was feeling bad about making Evyn doubt herself and her great idea for Show and Tell?  I did forgive myself but I was curious how Show and Tell went with the box of cars.  When I picked her up I asked her how it all went.  Her teacher, Mrs. B., was there to make me feel better. 

"She showed us all her cars, and told us all about the Humvee, which she told us her Daddy used to drive."

I could see she was proud.  She talked about the Humvee and asked about Daddy's time as a soldier.  I am super proud of those days, so it's always fun to reminisce.

We went home, and after lunch she picked up her camera.  I caught her taking pictures in her room.  When I stepped into her room to take a peek at her pictures, she pretty much told me to please leave her alone so she could do it herself.  Guess she got her confidence back. 

Lucy - I’m so glad–glad show’n’tell went well, glad E is feeling better about her camera again, and glad you’re transmitting your pride in J and his service to E.

Meg - I’m glad she got her confidence back!
I hope my future kids are just as proud of their Daddy and take their toy cop cars to show n tell!

Andrea - We know whose daughter she is :) She’s a great little girl and she’s going to grow up to be an awesome woman :)

Evy Rosebrook - Fine ending. These things do have a way of working our and our kids are so very resiliant and forgiving. Aren’t we fortunate?

Cara - You needed reassurance that you are successfully raising a strong and independent young lady? I think you just got it! Good for both of you.