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Tuesday was a snow day here.  Which was perfect, because I had explained the inauguration to Evyn and she seemed to understand it, at least in part.  She understands taking turns as leaders from school and ballet, so I approached it that way.  The girls made Obama Inauguration pennants during their playdate, so Evyn was prepared to watch the event on t.v. 


We woke up to a blanket of snow, went outside to play for a while, and came in to cozy up to the fireplace and the festivities. Evyn watched the Oath of Office intently, comparing her coloring page to the TV and asking if that was "Present Obama."  (you there, Miss Charlotte?  My daughter considered Obama a gift.)


It was a little awkward for me, getting excited about the change – explaining it to Evyn and helping her celebrate the transition.  Oh, the cognitive dissonance.  It's a new day now and here's the bottom line: he's our President.  My president.  And I have always believed we should support our leaders and come together as a nation, particularly in crisis.  I believed that and grieved the loss of it during James deployment – all the self-hatred I saw around me…the public displays of disgust with our own country.  It made me sad and a little confused – that we would tear ourselves apart in front of other nations when we needed solidarity the most.  I hoped for solidarity then and I still hope for it today. 

So I'm going to root for us.  For America to succeed.  Just as I always have.


By now you're just annoyed.  You didn't come here for a lecture.   I wrestled with deleting that whole paragraph.  I am trying to be true to myself, guys.  So thanks for bearing with me. (why, Lord, can't I just be as softly and simply-spoken as some people?) 

How about some light-hearted pictures of Evyn in the snow?  Can I tell you how difficult it is to take properly exposed pictures of the snow?




charlotte - yes, Crystal, I’m here. And loving everything about this post- Evyn’s adorable words (my thoughts completely!), the pennant project, your honesty, and the gorgeous snow day images. the first photo looks like she stamped a big O in the snow, but let’s call it a circle- inclusion, hope, peace, light, love. such a good day, a memory all its own. xoxo

Adrienne - I think how you have said everything regarding this transition in our country has been very gracious and kind. I too am so tired of the negativity, the division – the us vs them … I pray that we will indeed become one nation united under God. Despite my view being different from our new president, I indeed want our country to thrive. A tough pill to swallow, supporting someone who you disagree with so much on but must be done; for the sake of our country and out of respect it must be done. Kuddos to you for keeping it real!

Erin Beck - You know us we are also die hard Republicans but we need to Pray for our New President and our country, that’s how Andy and I are making it through. Let’s just hope that the media stays out of it,(yeah right) they already made him out so he can’t make a mistake. Love ya

Annette - I love the pictures! Great exposure with the slight shading along the edges. =)
I am excited about the change as well.

Meg - amazing photos! I wish I had snow.

Kristy - I wish I could feel the way you do. However, I can’t get over the bitterness I have about the way the media treated President Bush. He did so much to protect us and he is a real Christian and I don’t feel that I can support the moral stances of Mr. Obama. So I just had to stay out of it…We stayed home from school because I didn’t want my children to be any part of that. On a less serious note…The snow looks fun. I need a better camera..your pics are great.

Margot - I really love the pictures of Evyn in the snow because I love her outfit so much, can I have a me-sized version, please? The pink and green are so nice together!
And because you need some affirmation, I liked your paragraph, and I thought it was well-said regardless of what you think!

Gramma2many - Have to tell you, I did not celebrate the day. I did not even watch it. Couldn’t. I do honor the office, but I cannot honor the man. He is dangerous and I am afraid we will see things change in our country people never dreamed could happen to them.
Lovely pictures of little Evyn though. Bless her and all of the innocents of this world.

Christine (Hinote) - Oh Crystal, once again you’ve succeeeded in impressing me with your willingness to do what you feel it right. I am a Democrat and did vote for Obama and I truly applaud not only your feelings and how you’ve expressed them, but how wonderful of a mother you are. Teaching our children respect comes at a heavy price. I think your children are going to be some of the most respecting, respected and well-rounded adults in years to come. Not to mention creative as well, 😉
People like you inspire me to be a better mother. We certainly need more of them in this world.

Julie - I love the way you wrote this post and I’m so glad you didn’t delete it. It came off very thoughtful and respectful. You’re a wise Mama.

Lisa Martin - I agree with what you’re feeling. I could go on and on but I will try to honor the office, and hope for the best.

Christie - This impresses me immensely. I am a Democrat and voted for Obama, but I love the openminded-ness with which you approached the inauguration. Your daughter is precious with her pennants and coloring pages! And she has a mom to be proud of (mine would definitely not have done the same!).
And although this was a sad day for some people (as a McCain inauguration would have been for me), this is all of our country, and the man won the majority of votes. Just the fact that we have a peaceful exchange of power every 4-8 years is a cause for celebration. We are truly privileged.
See, I can’t talk without getting preachy either. I’m a sap when it comes to our democracy.