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full throttle

…and she's off folks!  My baby-est of babies is toddling.  Proudly, furiously, and with a purpose.




And that purpose is sometimes mischievous…


Meg - Congrats!!! Get out the camcorder!

Pumpkin - Oh my gosh…those are the sweetest moments!
Enjoy! :)

wifeunit - Those are some seriously cute pictures! And you nailed it with the adjectives. Our son just started recently as well and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Enjoy!

misschris - oh heavens. Look at her go!

Nicole - awww your baby is growing up!!! Congrats on Evyn being on the front page of the paper today. =)

Elizabeth - awesome pictures!! and how is it that your floors are so immaculately clean?? Not even a dust bunny along the baseboard. impressive.

Kristy - ohh I just need one more baby..this post makes me miss those so so sweet days when you walk in the room and they smile from ear to ear.

Brianna Dupuy - Hi Crystal… I love the pictures…and I think it was so neat that you were so creative in teaching Evyn about the inauguration. You are a great mom!!

Dayna - Precious! Our most recent milestone was a driver’s license. I long for those toddler days again. As of June this year, everyone in our house will have a two-digit age! Grab your girls and squeeze and squeeze for as long as you can!

Shannon - How cute! Great pictures!
Thanks for the link to Briarpress. I actually have them bookmarked and use them often! :)

celia - Oh my!!!! You must lock the door as we did here too! lol…
My little girl did the same when she started walking, lol… Maybe it’s just a toddler thing to be done! you know? genetic, lol…
She’s so lovely!

Beth - What a cutie!