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when blogs collide

I've received lots of emails from some of you starting with, "I hope you don't think I'm stalking you but…" and then you go on to tell me a story, ask a question about a paint color, my camera, where I live in case we can ever get together for coffee, etc, etc.  Please know I so do not think you're a stalker.  What would you think of me if you knew that I've actually spoken with or met at least three fellow bloggers who would have been complete strangers were it not for their blog?!  I called Andrea with camera woes, Miss Charlotte with publishing questions, and met up with Karen after both of us randomly moved from opposite sides of the country to the same area. 

In fact, just a few weeks ago I thought to myself, "I wonder if I'll ever meet someone in this rinky dink town and discover I've been following their blog or some crazy thing like that?"  And then "some crazy thing like that" happened.

She explains the story a little better, but Readers Digest version: I've been in Sunday School with this girl for, like, months. (and I promise I'm intelligent, people, but sometimes I succumb to my inner high school valley girl).

Meet Sweet Rachel.  That's what she makes me call her. 

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Okay, just kidding.  But she would be mortified if you thought that.  She's that sweet.  Way, way sweeter than me. 

She's a great photographer and she's teaching me some of what she's learned with her DSLR and Photoshop in the past year (can you believe she's only been at it a year?).  Since there are no photography classes here, I can use all the help I can get.  And now I've got lens envy (see me using her expensive equipment here).  I have so much to learn.  And I want to be there already.  You know, awesome.  Why must it take so long to become awesome?


And thank you all so much for your concern for Luke and his family.  I'm sad that so many of you carry  the burden of grief as well – it's not a club anyone wants to belong to.

Jessica - HAHA! The same thing happened to me once! Have you heard of “no time for flashcards”? She has like thousands of followers!! And we figured out we live literally 5 minutes from each other!! She’s even thought about joining my Moms group. Now I run into her all over town. Its like I know a celebrity and were it not for blogging, I’d never have known her! :)
BTW ~ I’ve been “stalking” your blog for a while now. Not sure how I found it, but I thought I should probably introduce myself! ~Jessica

american mum - Actually, I do make her call me Sweet Rachel. She’s just trying to make me feel less crazy about it.
Okay, I knew I needed a haircut, but this proves it. Something must be done about those bangs!
I’m happy to have found you, Crystal!

amy - i have to admit, when i read stories like this i am usually a bit jealous. the closest i have ever gotten was a fellow blogger visiting Atlanta for other reasons and we were going to get together…only her trip got cancelled. oh, well… (i just realized this makes me sound pathetic)

Christine - I adore your blog. I happened to stumble upon it when I was looking for apron tutorials and became hooked. Your blog is very inspirational in more ways than one. Even though, I admit I am jealous at how well your photographs come out. It may seem like you aren’t awesome yet but to me you have some of the best photos I have seen. Your daughters are gorgeous too! I love hearing about your beautiful family. :)

Tiff@Three Peas - That is too cool. There are several blogger that live in my state or fairly close that i think would be so cool to meet in person. In fact i have one friend that i met online before my four year old was born. We still email and call each other but we have never met in person.

napkin's family - actually, your photography IS quite awesome.