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Do you ever have those moments that your heart is just beaming with joy watching or thinking about your kids?  I am constantly thinking to myself as I watch them – God must have special plans for you.  Which, if you know me, is instantly terrifying.  To be charged with caring for His special kiddos. 

You may remember we bought Evyn a camera.  And every once in a while I'll hear her snapping away.  It's delightful to watch her.  The other day I walked into the room and caught her trying to capture Gregor – as a true photographer would – at his eye level.


Once she heard the click! of my own camera, she whipped around and promptly took a shot of me:


Later that evening, while the girls were sleeping, we downloaded her pictures…some of them going all the way back to our Christmas vacation.   James and I grinned from ear to ear with every picture – we could just imagine what her little four year-old brain and eye were mulling over as she snapped each shot.














Seriously, between the self-portraits and pictures of her sister and pictures of her prized possessions….and over forty pictures detailing this piece she made last year (yes, over forty – she could totally be a blogger!)…

…all I could think was man, is this chick cool or what?  I am so enamored by and full of love for my girls. 

Oh, and that photo she snapped of me?  Priceless.


And by the way, in case you care at all– If you're looking for a fun little camera for your kiddo, this one is easy for toddlers to hold and is hardy.  BUT, I am sorely disappointed in the quality for how much it costs – and it is pretty difficult to actually take the picture that your little tot is aiming for, because it doesn't actually snap the picture until one or two seconds after they've pressed the shutter.  Really, really frustrating.  I can't even take pictures with this thing.  So skip it and wait for a better version to come out.

Kiki - She’s really got it! It must really be amazing for you that she enjoys something that you do as well. What a special bond!

Regina - Too precious!!! She has her mommy’s passion! Her pictures remind me of yours–the randomness, uniqueness, etc. I love the one of the cat just sitting there so quaintly. She is adorable.

Angie - We bought our kids Crayola’s version of a kid’s digital camera. It also has a little delay, and honestly I haven’t done anything with them on the computer to test picture quality, but they weren’t too expensive(about $40 at Walmart). They would still rather use my camera (I think not) :)

american mum - That’s so sweet. The only use Noah ever has for his camera is deleting things. With a huge grin. He’d definitely not your kind of kid!

Andrea - Yeah… you’re totally grooming a blogger there! :) I love how she focuses on the details in her photo taking – sign of an excellent photographer!
God DOES have great plans for our kids! And I agree, it is quite overwhelming to think that we are responsible for caring for them…

Margot - It is so fun to see the world through her eyes! And I love the pictures of you taking pictures of each other, they ARE priceless! I also have to say it again, you are REALLY making progress with your photography skills!

Shoni - Awwww… That’s so beautiful looking at life through her eyes! I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to do that. Thanks for the post, this was adorable!

Keri - Adorable!! I love the picture of her stuffed kitty on the table.

Sarah - I absolutely love the photo of you on the floor with your camera. I bet you love this one, how many times in the past 4/5 years have you been in this position and nobody ever noticed? Now she notices! So neat.

Dayna - Honestly, y’all are so cute! It blesses my heart to see your loving interaction as a family. It really is priceless!
If you’d like to see our little girl — a few years older — playing around with our camera, check out the link below. It’s not quite as adorable with an older child, though. The funny part is that she had no idea she’d end up online. We were on a date, and her sisters were babysitting when she had this little photo shoot.!.html

Meg W. - I love that you’re sharing all of these special things about your kids, us readers have a front seat to your heart and these precious moments!
I can’t wait to see how they continue to unfold even more, and see God’s special plans for them!

misschris - This post made me grin big. Some of those shots she got really are very cool. (I do have agree about the camera though — we have a similar one and Fidge gave up using it because of the timing issue.)

Beth - How cute! It is so awesome to see the things that fasinate them, and at their level.

Anna - OK i don’t even know you or your family but when I got to the picture she took of you I had tears in my eyes. So sweet. Probably because I know how you feel and my boys give me that same joy.

Evy Rosebrook - The pictures are amazing. I was thinking to myself as I read this that I should buy one for my granddaughter Olivia because she is constantly taking pictures with mine. Thanks for the info at the end of your post. Now I will wait for a better one.

vanessa - You have taught her well. My son has that camera too and he goes through 100s of pics in a day but he can’t hold the camera still long enough to get the picture he wants. I’m thinking of upgrading him soon.

Susan - She is so smart! I think you should have the ones of each of you on the floor framed together.

Brianna Dupuy - Crystal,
I clicked on your “Trying To Remember” post, and I just love it. I remember reading it when you first posted, and I could almost feel what you were describing. I used to take care of my cousin’s baby when she was 3 months to 7 months. When I used to bathe her, I remember what you described the noisy breathing, and just seeing her innocence, and how precious she was. God truly shows himself in a baby/child. Anyway I just love the way you describe things… I get such a joy of reading your blog!! 😉

Beth - Hey, I am hosting a children’s swap if your interested :)