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Monthly Archives: March 2009

happy 33! yes, I just told everyone your age.

And now I'm about to show them baby pictures.  You'll live. Hold on, James.  It only gets worse from here… My, you're handsome.  But what is up with that scenic tie?! Love you. PS: you can revisit James' 30th birthday video here

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better late than never: spring blanket for S.

A while ago (okay, over a year ago), after years of pain and paperwork, dear friends of ours finally brought their baby home from China.  Beautiful little S., one year old. This blanket shouldn't actually take a year to finish.  It got put to the side after some rough times in the Butler house.  And […]

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knock her socks off

It would appear my obsession with her feet includes being tickled watching her yank her socks off.  I swear every time we go somewhere I have to scramble around the floorboard for her socks and shoes and re-dress her feet once we arrive.

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evyn’s guide to spring, part 2: hoops, flowers, and rocks

Does anyone remember hula hoop-ing?!  She saw something pink and purple with sparkles peeking out of a bin at Target, and when I pulled it out to hula right there in the aisle, she was hooked. And let's not forget pulling weeds, er, I mean flowers.  Evyn really loves yanking these things out of the […]

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evyn’s guide to spring, part 1: hopscotch

  I've never been much of an outside person.  I don't know why.  I grew up in Montana, and I love the idea of the outdoors.  But actually going outside seems like work.  Especially last spring and summer, when Ashlyn was too young to walk but wouldn't sit still.  This year I don't have any […]

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