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evyn’s guide to spring, part 1: hopscotch



I've never been much of an outside person.  I don't know why.  I grew up in Montana, and I love the idea of the outdoors.  But actually going outside seems like work.  Especially last spring and summer, when Ashlyn was too young to walk but wouldn't sit still. 

This year I don't have any excuses.  Evyn loves to play outside, and Ashlyn is old enough to join her.  And I'm a stay-at-home mom, and being outside is a good thing for kids, so I'm sorta, like, obligated.

So today Evyn and I are reviving a good ol' sidewalk chalk game: hopscotch.  Numbers, colors, skipping.  What could be better?




I realized as I helped lay out the diagram that I have no clue how to play.  So here's some directions, complete with diagram options and all: Hopscotch for the serious-er player.

I'd love to know what other games you all play with sidewalk chalk.   I was thinking there must be some variation of shuffleboard (maybe "tossing" instead of shuffling?) that can be made up for kids.  Of course, I don't know how to play that, either.

Links of Interest: Sidewalk Games; Preschool Olympics (via Let's Explore)


Brianna Dupuy - How about good ‘ol Tic Tac Toe

misschris - :) We’re not serious-er hopscotchers here either, but we sure to love it. 4-square is another fave that is helped by a good piece of chalk.
Those photos are beautiful. What lens are you using? Not the 50mm by any chance… ?

Michelle - Four square – but you need 4 peeps for that!

Crystal - It occurred to me that I usually answer questions from the comments section directly by email – no fun, right? I’ll try to remember to start answering them in the comments section.
Yes, misschris, the lens is a 50mm 1.8 – my Poor Man’s portrait lens. And some tweaking in Photoshop.

Amory - Here are a couple I’d never heard of:
Bulls eye
Use your chalk to mark out a target on a wall to throw a large or small ball at. Trace a circle on a brick wall (away from windows!) as big as a bin lid. Place some sticks at different distances away from your target. Each distance can be worth 1-5 points, 5 points being the furthest distance. Allow yourself five throws at each distance. See how many times you hit your target and see how many points you get. You may like to try your opposite hand!
Traditionally played using five footpath squares but can also be played on a level driveway or in a garage. Mark off five large squares in a row (about one grown-up “giant step” in length each) and number them from 1 to 5. Players stand at opposite ends of the boxes.
The first player throws a ball so that it bounces once in the square furthest away. If the ball doesn’t bounce in that square, touches the edges, or is caught by the other player after it bounces, the first player’s turn is over.
If the first player is successful, he or she has another turn and tries to throw the ball so it bounces once in the fourth square and once in the fifth square (without touching the edges or being caught). If successful, the player then throws the ball so it bounces in the third, fourth and fifth square.
The first player to bounce the ball into all five squares without being caught wins.

Dayna - What joy! I love the photos. Evyn seems as though she lives life with gusto. She must be so much fun!
I was going to suggest Four Square, but Michelle has already pointed out that it requires four players. (I had forgotten that part.) My children used to play this with the neighbors before our move.
By the way, I actually like the email option for answering comments. I feel special when I see you in my inbox. It seems more personal, but I never do it on my blog. I guess I have a double-standard. :)

Penny - oh my, I had completely forgotten about hop scotch! It looks like your daughter was having a great time! Love those cute little shoes she is wearing and your photos always leave me speachless!!

Gift of Green - Those shoes are adorable. Are they a Target buy too?
8) Have the girls trace your outline in chalk while you’re lying on the ground!

amanda - Oh, I love these photos! So beautiful.
I found your blog today via the apron tutorial link from Tipnut (I’m totally making one for a swap). I love your thoughts and musings and photos – especially from when your husband was deployed. Mine is just starting Basic next month, so it’s going to be a wild ride, but it is always nice to know that there are others who have gone through it and not only survived, but thrived. :)

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