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evyn’s guide to spring, part 2: hoops, flowers, and rocks


Does anyone remember hula hoop-ing?!  She saw something pink and purple with sparkles peeking out of a bin at Target, and when I pulled it out to hula right there in the aisle, she was hooked.


And let's not forget pulling weeds, er, I mean flowers.  Evyn really loves yanking these things out of the ground and gifting them to me.  I remember last summer I picked her up from a playdate, the other mom proudly escorting me to the yard where she and her friend were weeding the lawn picking large bouquets of flowers.


Then there's harvesting rocks, which we have plenty of since the builders don't know how to properly grade and clean a lot.


Ashlyn had a great time in the dirt.  I had a great time watching her.  There's something about those pillowy pudge-feet getting properly dirty that just seemed like such a throwback to the days I spent with my sister outside.



I loved watching them pluck and dig muddy rocks out of the dirt.


I didn't love fishing them out of Ashlyn's mouth (while crossing my fingers that they were just rocks).

After a while, Evyn got particularly industrious.  I found her looking for a proper pail in the garage to collect them.  "I dumped all your car wash stuff out, Mommy, because I need a pail for my rocks." 


I had such a fun time, and yes, I kept thinking These Chicks Rock.

Amory - I never could hula hoop. I practiced and practiced. Maybe it’s a genetic trait… like tongue rolling :)

Dana - Love the photography.

Jenell Brooks - Hi there, I just stumbled on your blog as I was searching for an Apron tutorial and then got sucked in to your story.
I’m also a Military wife and mother, and could have written some of your heartbreaking posts. My Husband left for a 1 year tour when I was 4 months pregnant with our first child, and there have been many more lonley deployments ( much shoter) in the 6 years since.
We are currently stationed in Remote Australia, in the middle of nowhere for the next 32 months and counting…what we endure for these men.
anyway, just a note from another kindren, crafting Military Mom, trying to make the best of a difficult situation.
p.s- Im glad your Hero is home and safe, thank him for his serice for us will ya?
– Jenell Brooks