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knock her socks off


It would appear my obsession with her feet includes being tickled watching her yank her socks off.  I swear every time we go somewhere I have to scramble around the floorboard for her socks and shoes and re-dress her feet once we arrive.

Rachel @ American Mum - Love it. Ashlyn and the pic. Great composition and color!

NON-Superwoman - Ha…so funny. I have the exact same problem with with little man #2. Shoes have to go on right after socks or else I’m on the hunt!

misschris - Same boat here! Cute photo though.

celia - My girl does exactly the same and I always enjoy so much her face when she sees her feet free! lol…

Trisha Van Horsen - I came across your blog and I have to say that your baby has to have the cutest, squishiest, pudgy feet I have ever seen! I have 3 kids, (5 year old and 2 year old twins) and was always obsessed with their bare feet and hands, but your baby, well
she’s just a doll! :)

Jordan Hydro - Your post are so good, I suggest that you can add some videos or something like that!