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happy 33! yes, I just told everyone your age.

And now I'm about to show them baby pictures.  You'll live.



Hold on, James.  It only gets worse from here…




My, you're handsome.  But what is up with that scenic tie?!

Love you.

PS: you can revisit James' 30th birthday video here

Susan - Happy Birthday, James!

charlotte - Happy birthday!
Picturing that big frosted cake covered in sprinkles. Love the cowboy boots picture. xoC

Michaela - Happy Birthday! Great photos!!!

Rachel @ American Mum - Happy birthday James! I’m loving those Olan Mills pictures.

Karen - Happy birthday James!

Erin Beck - Happy Birthday James! What are you doing special for your man today?
Love you guys

gaylen - Happy Birthday James. Hope you had a lovely day. g