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Monthly Archives: May 2009

friday find: kid tunes you can stand

When J was deployed, I used to bring Evyn to my room in the mornings so she could play and watch PBSKids or Disney while I slept in a little.  Every time this Choo Choo Soul lady came on, E would start hopping around the room and singing.  And, I'll admit, I kinda enjoyed the […]

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  I've been wanting to write this since shortly after Mother's Day last year, but I was always waiting for the words to come easily.  This probably won't be as articulate as I'd like, but I think today it's too important to miss saying. I had a bumpy childhood.  We all have, to some degree.  […]

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loss and life

**Update at bottom** It was an average afternoon at the bookstore with my girls and husband today.  Evyn browsed the princess sections, I sat and flipped through gossip magazines (oh, the Jon and Kate fodder…).  Then the phone rang. Ginger is one of my best friends (pictured, center).  She knew my sister.  She was there […]

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Friday Find: Coppola Rosso

Thanks again for all the encouraging, supportive comments and emails you've sent my way.  I appreciate all the feedback and kind words.  And I hope that if you ever need it, you,too, receive as many kind words from friends, family, and strangers.  It carries you a long way… So…on another  note.  I've noticed that I […]

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the next day, anniversary shoot: wes and amy

Well, the next day was a good one.  One of the most fun I have had in a long time, for lots of reasons.  I started the morning assisting Rachel on a shoot.  I love long drives, coffee, farms, and photography.  That was our whole morning.  Then I showed her a few of my new […]

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