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Monthly Archives: June 2009

her prince

Overheard:Evyn (to James, at bedtime): "I'm going to be a mommy someday."James: "I want you to enjoy being a kid.  You're a pretty cool kid."E: "But I want to be a mommy."James: "But then you'll have your own house, and I won't see you as much.  And I'd miss you."E: "But I'll have another boy […]

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happy dad day

To my darling hubby, who had to spend Father's Day away from his babies (National Guard), and to my friends whose hubbies have spent many holidays away from their babies… Love you, Babe!  Thanks for being their Knight in Shining Armor.

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evyn’s work: the barbie series

So, I have a feeling that someday as I am flipping back through this online journal, this is going to be one of my favorite posts. Evyn is venturing into photography.  After giving up on the stupid Little Tykes camera, I decided to let her use my old Canon Powershot.  She operates it quite well.  […]

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“choices have consequences”

It's something that I'm often saying mostly for Evyn's benefit, when she's whimpering in time out or has a favorite toy taken away from her.  So when I was in a hurry to get Evyn to school and got pulled over by the police right. in front.  of her school parking lot, I looked at […]

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going somewhere?

Last year it was dressers.  This year its chairs and suitcases. If you saw the growing collection of both in my garage, you'd think I either planned to do a lot of sitting or a lot of going. You remember MAD's suitcase?  I didn't stop there.  When I spied the mustard American Tourister in a […]

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