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evyn’s work: the barbie series

So, I have a feeling that someday as I am flipping back through this online journal, this is going to be one of my favorite posts.

Evyn is venturing into photography.  After giving up on the stupid Little Tykes camera, I decided to let her use my old Canon Powershot.  She operates it quite well.  Every once in a while, she'll ask to use the camera, go fishing in our junk drawer for it, and disappear to her room for an hour.  She really has an imagination.  I've decided to start printing a few of them for her to put in an album.  She's very proud of her work and I'm loving all of the outlets she's exploring, including the camera.

She's really proud of this set and when I told her that I was going to post it to my blog for everyone to see she got a little giddy.  I don't think she knows exactly what that means, but she seemed to understand it was cool.  I take her seriously, but when I first flipped through these photos full screen, with her standing over my shoulder proudly waiting for my opinion, I couldn't help but giggle.  What must go through that little four-year-old mind of hers…

So, without further ado, I bring you the Barbie series (there is also a shoe series):

Evyn: "She's swimming up and down."


Evyn: "She's dancing; it's called a 'bya' " (this is a made-up dance move)


Evyn: "That's her swimming."


Evyn: "That's called 'her laying down in a swimming suit'."

Evyn: "That's arabesque."


Evyn: "That's laying down arabesque."


Evyn: "She's getting a haircut.  But I didn't really cut her hair.  I'm just pretending."


Amber - My 3 year old is standing next to me and loved the post – and immediately decided she need some more Barbies :-)

Ashlee - How sweet! I recently gave my little boy my old camera. It had been at the back of the drawer forever.
He has captured some amazing pictures and enjoys it so much!

Margot - How COOL! Those pictures are MUCH better quality than the kiddie one she had!
This made me remember, I still have my older Kodak easyshare that I don’t have ANY use for at all now that I have my new, much better, camera. It’s seriously sitting and gathering dust. Any interest in me sending it to Evyn? She can HAVE it! Get it out of my clutter!

Lacey - LOL! How adorable is that

bakeandsewblog - Brilliant.
When I downloaded my 6 year old’s camera the other day (he has an old one of my mums), he had filmed a tour of his room and the rest of the house with fabulous commentary! Priceless!

LauraJ - :) Brilliant! This really made me smile!

Cara - Very nice photos, Evyn. You brought out the best in your models. :)

kristen - make sure you tell that little girl she’s an AMAZING photographer! LOVE IT! i can’t wait to give my little lady a camera so i can start seeing things from her perspective.

Brianna Dupuy - First wonderful pics from your darling girl… Second, very clean baseboards! :)

Regina - Too cute!!! I love how you encourage her creativity and imagination…what a good mom!