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scenes from a hospital

Grandpa was on the fifth floor, ICU.  Nana on the 8th.  I was only there a couple of days, and spent a significant chunk of one afternoon shopping for "rehab clothes" for Nana.  But in the time I spent with them I couldn't help bring out my camera, in part for something to do.

Grandpa wanted to take his glasses off.  But I insisted he  leave them on. 

Nana didn't want me to take a picture of her at all.  But she was trapped in a bed, so I told her to get over it and make a face.

Nana's brother (Uncle Will Dee) and his wife were there to help.  Uncle Will Dee has the most innocent way about him.  I guess it's that crew cut and those adorable ears.  And probably his kind heart.


That's Mom.  Taking care of her mom.


Nana's luggage.  I heart her stuff.  It's all so vintage and sweet.


On the phone with Grandpa, who called from his room to make sure she was okay.





Amber - What wonderful pictures – I love your Grandma’s expression :-)

LauraJ - oh my gosh what beautiful photos. they actually evoke such raw emotion. i wanted to cry. on the other hand i’m so happy that you have wonderful photography skills to capture these moments forever.

Lisa Martin - oh honey, those 2 ain’t goin’ no where soon. They’re here to see some more amazing things on this earth.
I love that he called to check on her. they may have a little knocked out of their sails but I can see they’re strong. Thanks for sharing.

Mom - Your Nana will KILL you if she ever finds out you posted these photos without asking her permission (which I guarantee she would not give! *g*)… but I love’em, and am proud you’re sharing them with the world :)

Cara - What sweet photos – you were so right to take them. (And that plum color looks spectacular on you, by the way.)

Keri - Crystal – the last 2 posts are so touching and photos are amazing. Its so cute that your grandfather called from the other room to check on his best girl. Adorable.

temp jobs - Wish you both well soon..

Amber - Sometimes documenting the things that most of us wouldn’t think to document make for sweet photos that will…and should…go in our family memory books. These pictures struck me as so surprisingly sweet.

Donna - I just stumbled upon your blog. My mom passed away 4 weeks ago. She was 91 and lived a very full, happy life. I was the “local” child and felt so blessed and also a bit selfish to be the one who got to care for her. It certainly was not easy but I would do it again in a heartbeat. My advise to your mom would be to try to talk her parents into moving closer to her. I worked at a retirement/assisted living facility for awhile and the families who it seemed to be hardest for were the ones who lived apart from one another. How do the parents get to the Dr … who shops for them … who is there when they are lonely? It would be a BIG responsibility for your mom, but most likely even harder to try to do it cross country.
My children (especially my daughters) were my link to the world and the ones who I could lean on for emotional support. Be there for your mom … take care of HER while she takes care of THEM.
THERE – I feel MUCH better!

Giftofgreen - I love the pic of your Nana giving you the face. :) And that uncle of yours looks like trouble! Quite full of mischief, I’d say.