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friday find (on Sunday): blueberry toes


I'll keep this short (because, really, a post about nail polish shouldn't be lengthy)…I love all those fun new choices for colors out there but they usually wind up looking a little bit cheap.  This color, however, wound up toe-ing the line perfectly between "trendy" and "kinda pretty."  Ew. Toe pun.

Ashlyn is enamored with my entire vanity routine (consisting mostly of a hair dryer and deodorant, both of which she likes to take part in).  So when I sat down to slap this on my toes she plopped herself down and yanked her shoes off, then waited, impatiently, for me to do the same for her.

Check out the way affordable "West Village" by NYC – at the "circle with a dot in it" store near you (this is Evyn's overly-verbal way of saying "Target.")


Andrea - HOW FUNNY!!
We just bought some blue nail polish today because, you know, it is “B” week and Eve and I thought that blue nail would just be perfect!
Do we live parallel lives or what, at times!

Lucy - Cute =).

Amanda -
I ordered from this place a month ago, and for being kid friendly, it’s amazingly good. Stays on fairly long and hardly smells. The remover works well too.

Amber - The “circle with a dot in it store”…that is so funny in a super cute way!