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it’s here…

Potty-training time.  I don't think she's entirely ready but so far the score is 3:1 ( the accidents are winning, but time will tell…).


Amber - Such a great picture :-)
and good luck – we have just finished with the last of everything
(finally sleeping with just her underwear – no pull-ups)…wonderful but sad all at the same time!

vanessa - After finding my 3yr old in the bathroom with POOP everywhere we gave up for the time being. It’s so much harder with the third :( Good luck.

Lucy - Hah! What a picture. Good luck =).

Megan - That’s an awesome picture!
Good luck!

Mom - oh my word, is she EVER resembling your little sister!! (hope it doesn’t take ash as long, please lord!)

Shawndra - Yeah I learned the hard way “NeverNeverEver leave your little ones alone with a roll of toilet paper.” My oldest (3) will stay dry all day and go pee like a champ in the potty but hes got some kind of hang up aout the #2. He waits all day till we put him in his night time pullups and like clock work 5 min later he walks out and declares “Ive got a poop in my pants and it needs a hat (or jacket or shirt or socks)” I do not know why he thinks his poop needs to wear these items. Its Funny and frustrating all at the same time.