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Things We’ve Handed Down: Love of Books


Evyn's book: "How to Get Married" was an impulse purchase at the bookstore.  I mean, how do you turn down a book about being a bride that's meant just for a five year old who keeps asking me how she'll know "who the boy is?"  Ashlyn's reading a clever book I found at a Usborne/homeschool booth in Washington.  "There's a Mouse About the House!" is a fun and interactive almost-game that's great for little hands and minds who love surprises.  It's a living room staple, as even the girls' friends love to sit and play with it.

Andrea - I love the color tone of this photo!

Lucy - My brothers had “A Mouse About the House” when they were younger. I can still recite parts of it from memory =).

Army Duck - “How to get married” for five year olds – Absolutely adorable.

Monique - Love it!!! Now all I can think about is moving furniture around so I have better lighting on my couch!