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Friday Find: tweetbook & Cozi Family Journal

Do you Twitter?  Use Facebook?  I'm all over the place it seems, here, my other blog, my business site, Facebook…it's all a bit much.  As you can probably tell by my infrequent posting these last few months…so the thought of journaling my pregnancy, or the kids' happenings, on paper is, well, only a thought.  It probably won't happen.  And really, aren't I already doing that?

I don't use Twitter as much as I use Facebook, but I've found that all those little updates really amount to something: our family journal.  Now, if only there were a way to capture it all for print.  I went looking…and I've found a couple of options:

Tweetbook – a pretty simple application that basically collects all of your recent (not sure what defines "recent" but it goes back several months) tweets and puts them in PDF format for printing.

Cozi Family Journal – what I really wanted was an application that did the "tweetbook" thing for Facebook.  I haven't found one.  But I did find Cozi – a site that is actually a ton of things, but one feature they offer is a Family Journal.  You can do as much or as little as you want with the Journal; I opted to only use the Facebook application. 

If I find a way to use all of your Facebook updates to create a book, I will let you know.  Hey, if you're a tech genius who's figured this out – will you let me know?

Jenny Gardner - Pregnant?!?!?! Didn’t know that! Eric is trying to convince me to a third as well. I haven’t given in quite yet. The thought is quite overwhelming!

Megan - When are you due? I so didn’t know you are pregnant! Congrats!

Megan - Also change that you are pregnant to were. I didn’t proof my comment and the grammar is horrid! haha best of luck to you!

margot - Wait, you’re pregnant!?!? Since when!

Brianna - I am so happy for you!! I want a baby so bad… been praying and praying… :) I look forward to seeing how gorgeous your next bundle of joy will be… you sure have a beautiful family. God Bless you and may you have a healthy pregnancy :)

Krystal T. - Just wanted to say what a blessing it was to “bump” into your blog while looking for some patterns. You are amazing!

Heather Brooks - Stumbled onto your site from your belt tutorial but I am hooked! Military wife and crafter here, too!

Carol Schiller - Wow, Crystal, thanks for mentioning Cozi as way to keep track of family doings. Looking at your amazing blog – and beautiful photography – I’m betting it will turn out to be a gorgeous record of all your amazing moments. Please do keep us posted!
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