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Monthly Archives: December 2009

friday find: my year in status app on Facebook

  I like Facebook, but usually abhor all the little apps.  Except for this fun, quirky one.  A year in review of some of my favorite little moments across facebook.  Kinda makes me want to type one up and hang it on my wall for real…

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lonely a little

  It's December 11.  Not 12 or 13, Lora's and my birthday's, respectively.  Sometimes 9,10, 11…they're harder for some reason.  People naturally expect that my sister's birthday, or her homegoing anniversary, or Christmas day – that those days are the hardest.  I'm sure for some they are (I know they are for my mom).  But […]

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My first holiday season as a paid photographer went well and is now winding down.  I've been itching to craft and do cheesy stuff with the kids. This week I started working like a busy bee on some projects…some of them (obviously) involving pics of the girls.  Found this one of Ash.  I love it too much not to share. Speaking of […]

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