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My first holiday season as a paid photographer went well and is now winding down.  I've been itching to craft and do cheesy stuff with the kids. This week I started working like a busy bee on some projects…some of them (obviously) involving pics of the girls.  Found this one of Ash.  I love it too much not to share.

Speaking of photos, have you seen this book?  Great ideas all over the place for photo-slash-craft projects. 

ETA: link is fixed, I think.


celia - God, she’s so fun!

Lacey - Love that pic!

Amber - So cute – such a great picture!

charlotte - yes, love it too- and the sister princess moving through the background!

Hannah Schreiner - Great picture! Also my first year as a paid photographer… its so fun! Can you post the actual name of the book or a different link, I was unable to pull it up. Thanks!

jennifer - I would love to see what the name of the book is. Couldn’t get the link.

Beth - So cute!