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Have a Colorful Valentines Day!


Ugh.  For the THIRD year in a row I've remembered that Evyn is having a Valentine's Day party, but forgotten to actually MAKE valentines with her to pass out.  This is supposed to be every crafty mom's favorite holiday – and you'll see little pretties all over blogland – pictures of children with paint and paper and ribbon, drumming up some fancy little thing to give to their friends, family, teachers.  Me?  I was so wrapped up in my own work (I had a newborn shoot to do the afternoon of the party) that I completely blanked on this fabulous girly crafting opportunity.  I've never been good with designated dates for things.  Even though I'm a planner, I am one of those people who waits for inspiration to hit before I buy a gift, send a card, or make something for someone.  Which means I'm really bad at birthdays and showers…and Valentines Day.  I woke up at 4:40 a.m. in a panic that my poor daughter would be going to school without anything special to take. 

As soon as we woke up, I threw together a batch of cookies from a mix, thinking that would be cute.  But I burned the cookies.  Plan B: surf the web for something easy from some mommy-blog.  Melted crayons in a heart shape?  That looked easy.  I remembered we had some heart-shaped muffin cups and gathered the girls at the table sure I'd just found the easiest, cutest little craft. 

After twenty-five long minutes of arduously peeling and scraping paper off of most of the crayons we owned, I finally got our little ditties in the oven.  I wish I had pictures of the mess this "easy" task entailed – bits of paper everywhere, half-eaten crayons on the floor and table (Ash? the dog? not sure which), overturned chairs from a milk-spilling incident where I grabbed the rug too fast in an attempt to shove a towel underneath, vegetable spray all over the table and chairs, several abandoned half-peeled crayons, and two kids who seemed pretty oblivious to the point of it all.

In the end they were cute but I think if this happens again I am totally stopping at the drugstore for some cheesy punch-out cards with kittens on them. 

erin - they are cute. doesn’t it seem like sometimes the greatest idea doesn’t play out the way you dream of it in your mind. it still is the greatest though because you all did it together! i am adoring your blog photographs.

Kristy - hey, haven’t had an update on your son lately…i think a pregnancy pic is needed! Please post!

charlotte - have a quiet Saturday ahead? how about buying up all the discounted valentine stuff and have some fun making collaged valentines now out of this year’s collected paper valentines. then put it all away for next Feb.
thinking next year is going to be even busier! at least you will have an option to fall back on.

Brianna Dupuy - Those crayons really are cute! You are making wondeful memories with your kids!

elizabeth - i am so happy to hear that i am not the only one who has a ‘brilliant’ idea for a school party – i usually end up finishing up in the wee hours of the morning the day of the party.
i love your blog, your photography is wonderful!

Life Lasting Air Conditioning Filters - Happy valentine day….
Thank you for the post

Jenn - We did the same craft – next time (if there is one, that is!) chuck the crayons in a bown of water and let them soak – pesky paper falls right off!