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those blue eyes


I think I was about twenty when I met James.  My car had been hit by a deer (yes, it is my contention the deer hit ME) and had already been in the shop for two weeks.  I was at the mercy of my roommate's social calendar if I wanted to do ANYthing.  I'd just painted my nails, and she was about to make the 25-minute drive to her boyfriend's house and wanted me to tag along and meet his roommate.  Ew, a blind date.  Blech.  "No, my nails aren't dry," I whined.  She rolled her eyes and after several back and forths ("he's really sweet, and cute, and we already told him you're coming; he wants to meet you…" etc after etc), I finally agreed to go. 

Half an hour later, I was staring at the white door of a run-down apartment complex, waiting to see what this guy was really like.  I'll skip to the end first – we didn't click at all.  He was quiet (too quiet), reserved, very Caucasian (the kind that doesn't tan), and quiet. We really didn't like each other.  Looking back, he recalls that I was
cute.  But too loud. And direct.  Not very girly.  But something I do remember from that first night was the moment he opened that grungy white door – how very blue and twinkly sweet his eyes were. 

There is nothing super important about that moment, except that now I remember it as the first moment of a night that was really UNspectacular.  An evening we really don't remember much about, but that changed our lives forever. 

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I can't tell you how many times I look at my little girls (eta: and sweet Cam) and there I am again – my future husband at the door.  It makes me smile.  How two people at one point in time had NO clue that 12 years into the future they'd share a history of loss, war, several moves across the country, two children, and another pleasant surprise on the way…It tickles me every time.


Andrea - Loved reading this, Crystal. So you, so descriptive, so beautiful.
I love looking back on the UNspectacular moments in my life and realizing that they changed everything.
I’m so glad you didn’t let your wet nails hold you back!

Amber - Love this – gave me goose bumps – so true :-)

Amanda - Great post.

Shanda - I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog. We don’t know each other at all, I think I stumbled upon your site looking for an easy sewing pattern. I think your family is precious, and your heart is sweet and thoughtful, which shines in your writings. I wish you all peace and joy as you await your new baby boy! (I’m having a daughter, in June, and I cannot wait! She will join her 1 big sister and 5 big brothers!)

charlotte - so sweet and wonderful. wishing you all the best with the birth-day to come. know you are very excited to meet the new man in your life. we are too! xoC

erin .@.tinytwistcreative - isn’t it the ordinary that really becomes extraordinary? i love that when i reflect through the simple moments of a day.

Dayna - I love this, and it cracks me up that you threw him out there for not being able to tan! (As I sit here peeling from sunburn. And I’m not of the non-tanning variety)

crystal1011 - Dayna, believe it or not I couldnt believe he was so white. 😉 And when he told me he doesnt tan I went so far as to try to prove him wrong bc I just couldnt believe it. An hour after dousing him in baby oil (!) and laying out with him, the poor man was a lobster! He looked at me, all pink and wincing and just said, See, I told you. How can you NOT date someone who will go through that for you?

Megan Nadalet - Awwww how precious! and I love their blue eyes!
The part about the deer reminds me of an episode of Gilmore Girls where the deer runs into her car. hahaha

Penny - very cool story Crystal! it must have been the eyes, your children’s eyes are gorgeous!!

cindy - Hi Crystal. We don’t know one another. I was looking for an easy burp cloth pattern and found her site. I have to say that I love your blog! Your photos are amazing and really captures the moments. Thanks for your thoughtful sharing. Your children are truly beautiful–and yes, those blue eyes! Blessings to your family.