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Monthly Archives: April 2010

“because I have three”

That's what I want to get put on a t-shirt or tattoo on my forehead.  It would explain away so much…like why my hair looks like this. Or why there are about 13 coffee cups in my minivan right now.  Or why I am showing up a good 15 minutes later than usual (which is […]

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(psst…fan of Smashing Pumpkins? I was feeling nostalgic…)

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why I chose to bottle-feed

So here it is: an explanation.  Not because I need to justify myself.  But for the comfort of moms out there who have been to hell and back with breastfeeding and feel the need to bury their head in shame when whipping out a bottle of (gasp!) formula for Baby.  Me, I'm pretty unashamed at […]

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