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Army Duck - Oh my gosh, so so beautiful. I hope everyone is doing well! - Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL baby boy! Congratulations!

NON-Superwoman - So absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every way. Congratulations and God bless!

Lucy - Beautiful picture, beautiful boy. Congratulations. I’m so glad he’s here!

Adrienne - awww shucks. He’s perfect. Good job.

Heather - He’s just beautiful and perfect!! Congratulations!

melanie kerton - gorgeous!

Andrea - Absolute perfection. And he’s your third child… you will see… there is something VERY special about the third one. Love you!

Kristy - that’s so sweet…favors you I think? What do the girls think?

Amber - Oh Crystal, he’s so beautiful – congratulations to you all :-)

Lyndy - What a blessing for your family.
He is beautiful and I am sure that you all are smitten already :>)

Keri - Congrats Crystal to you and your family.

Kristi @ Creative Kristi - So Gorgeous! Congrats!! Enjoy your new mommy of 3 status!! :)

sarah kuhn - I’ve been following your blog for a while- just wanted to say congratulations! He is beautiful!

Brianna Dupuy - Oh My…. He is so precious and adorable. Congrats…. let the picture taking begin! Don’t forget to share 😉

Dawn - Congratulations! He is beautiful!!!!!
This will be an adventure! A boy after two girls.
Did that.
I was amazed at the difference—other than the obvious one.
You will enjoy it…and your hubs will enjoy it even more!
Blessings on you all,

Sally - Congratulations~!!! He is beautiful!

margot - Aw, congratulations!!!

Helena - Congrats he is perfect.

Amory - Beautiful boy! Congratulations!

Chris - What a sweetheart! Congratulations to you all!

Leslie - many congratulations…her is precious

Leslie - bad spelling…HE is precious

Antonia - Congratulations on your beautiful, and much loved baby boy! He is blessed to be a part of your family and I hope you enjoy every moment with your son. Praise be!

. tiny twist creative . - So beautiful, congratulations. Hope you are enjoying that little guy to pieces.

Shanda - And isn’t he the most beautiful baby EVER? How lovely~ I inhaled in delight when I saw the photo.
Hope you are healing and resting as much as you can!

Megan - He’s so very precious! Congratulations on your third bundle of blessing and joy!

Dayna - Yay! How wonderful! I’m so happy for all of you. I can’t wait to read about the marvelous adventures that will come as the girls embrace life with a little brother. What a treasure!

bakeandsewblog - Congratulations he looks adorable

Amber - I’m behind on blog reading, but congratulations on the arrival of your little man. He is so handsome and just precious. This photo of him is adorable!

Megan - My google reader has been backed up for weeks, but I just saw this. Congrats! He is adorable!